Everything You Need to Know About REDX’s Cyber Monday sale

Summary: In this blog, we cover the details of REDX’s massive Cyber Monday event. We’ll walk you through the promotion and what you need to do to access our awesome deals.

Everything You Need To Know About REDX’s Cyber Monday Sale

Once a year, REDX hosts a Cyber Monday promotion that real estate agents all over the nation wait for. Each year, the offer is bigger, better, totally unique, and you only have one day to access the exclusive promotion.

To get ahead of the crowd and prepare for the REDX Cyber Monday sale, here are 3 things you need to know before you pick up the phone Monday morning.

  1. 1. We’re offering incredible discounts

The REDX Cyber Monday event always promises discounts you can’t access any other day of the year.

The only way to find out the exact pricing is to chat with us over the phone (800-731-7339) on Cyber Monday, but we’ll give you a sneak-peek for 2017: Up to 25% in savings for life!

This year, agents will be able to lock in lifetime discounts for the #1 prospecting platform in the nation, meaning that once you’ve acquired the deal, that’s what you’ll pay for the rest of your time as a REDX customer. And it’s all taking place for one day only, so don’t miss the opportunity to pay less for a lifetime of prospecting services.

  1. 2. What’s on sale?

All of our products are on sale during the Cyber Monday event, including our Storm® Dialer, now available in triple-line. You can access all the tools top-earning prospectors swear by at a discounted price, including:

• Expired Leads: The #1 lead type recommended by our top prospectors
• FSBO Leads: Your source for low-pressure, high-converting listings
• For-Rent-By-Owner Leads: The little-known, highly-effective lead type for listings
• Pre Foreclosure Leads: Your source for short sales
• GeoLeads: Your source for just-listed / just-sold and circle prospecting
• Storm Dialer: The #1 tool our top prospectors can’t live without, now in triple-line

  1. 3. The game plan

REDX’s Cyber Monday promotion takes place for one day only, November 27th, and can only be accessed by phone (800-731-7339). REDX will open early, 8am Eastern | 5am Pacific. This will be a busy day for REDX, as agents hurry to take advantage of this exclusive chance to access our award-winning products at a reduced price.

The phones will be ringing off the hook, and we’ve prepared to handle a high volume of callers, but no worries; we will honor promotion discounts for those who leave voice messages on Cyber Monday, too. You must have your account set up by the end of day Wednesday.

This pricing won’t be available online. The only way to access these rare deals is to pick up the phone (800-731-7339)Monday morning, and we’ll guide you on your way to huge savings.

You won’t want to miss this…

For one day only, secure exclusive product discounts that will help you on your way to becoming a top-tier prospector. Don’t pass up the chance to access the reduced pricing of the REDX prospecting platform and products that pave the way to success for real estate agents.

We’re looking forward to speaking with you on Monday! 800-731-7339


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