Daily Archives: Thursday, December 23, 2010

Newsletter December – 2010: If You Don’t Offer S’mores… You Should!

By Jennifer Cummings It was just a s’more. Yes, I’m talking about a graham cracker, a little chocolate and a marshmallow.  It probably had a cost of a half-cent to the business offering it, but that s’more made an impact.  It symbolized a small act of kindness and generosity – with no expectations attached –… Read more »

Newsletter December – 2010: Are you ‘Wringing your Clients Dry’ for Leads?

By Carla Cross, CRB, MA We all love it when some seminar guru tells us we just have to take care of our present and past clients and we’ll get rich. The first part of that statement is true. We DO have to take care of our present and past clients, and that’s an important… Read more »