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How Agent Accountability Turns into a $250K Paycheck

What is the difference between a realtor who limps along making only $70K per year and one who pulls in $250K or more? Is the second realtor working exorbitantly long hours or tapping in to some kind of real estate superpower? Not likely. While there are a number of factors that go into the success… Read more »

Sphere of Influence (Part 1)

A sphere of influence is something every real estate agent has or should have. Whether it be friends, family, former business associates or classmates, or others that you know through some aspect of your life, these are people that know you and have gained some sort of influence from you, even if just a small… Read more »

A Beginner’s Guide To Becoming A Successful Real Estate Agent

As a real estate agent, you wear many different hats. You play the role of a salesperson, an analyst, a consultant, a negotiator, and a marketer. There are many other responsibilities you must also take charge of, including accommodating your clients and meeting their needs on their time, anytime they need assistance. Even when the… Read more »

REDX contributes to local charity; United Angels Foundation

By Jessica Pann Over the past few years, the REDX has made a tradition of choosing a non-profit foundation or charity to get involved with and raise funds for to help support the organization’s cause.  This year we chose to sponsor the United Angels Foundation (UAF), a local non-profit organization. UAF supports parents and families of… Read more »

REDX Introduces Pre-Foreclosure Product

REDX Introduces Pre-Foreclosure Product June 14, 2011 SALT LAKE CITY – REDX announced today the release of REDX Pre-Foreclosures to new existing customers and new customers on July 1st.REDX Foreclosures are a breakthrough lead generation product that provides property owner contact information, identifies which stage of the foreclosure process the lead is in, and has… Read more »

Newsletter March- 2010: Building a World-Class Operation

By Amy Stoehr What does a world-class real estate operation look like? Over the years a consistent model of success has arisen for all teams I’ve coached. A world-class real estate operation: 1. Rewards its clients with world-class service that they not only count on, but also enthusiastically tell others about. 2. Operates with a… Read more »

Should I use Social Networking in my Real Estate business?

If you have been struggling with this question you are not alone. Many agents are asking themselves the same question, and if it’s not that particular question chances are it’s somehow related to it: which social networking sites should I use, how do I incorporate social networking into my business, how much does it cost,… Read more »