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How Scripts Can Help Realtors Generate Consistent Results

10.17.2014 Did You Know
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Do you hate the idea of using a script on sales calls or appointments? Many realtors shy away from using a script because they don’t want to sound canned or robotic when talking to prospects and clients. After all, many agents went into real estate because they love interacting with people. The last thing they […]

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The Virtues of the Market in the Fall Months

10.02.2014 Lead Manager
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As the weather cools and the leaves begin to fall, our thoughts turn to cold winter days and the festive holiday season to come. This is also the season when the housing market drops off, and you, like many other realtors, want to get as many of your listings sold before the holiday rush. Even […]

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How to Make More Money in Real Estate by Restructuring Your Day

08.26.2014 Real Estate Coaching

As a Realtor, how do you organize your day? Do you have a strict schedule or do you just sort of see what comes your way and then wing it?  Here’s a little secret: the real estate agents who make $250K or more per year stick to a strict schedule. This schedule is one of […]

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How Agent Accountability Turns into a $250K Paycheck

08.21.2014 Did You Know

What is the difference between a realtor who limps along making only $70K per year and one who pulls in $250K or more? Is the second realtor working exorbitantly long hours or tapping in to some kind of real estate superpower? Not likely. While there are a number of factors that go into the success […]

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Important Aspects of an Agent’s Business Plan

06.16.2014 Real Estate Coaching

Building a career as a real estate agent is an exciting path to take. You are beginning a journey of essentially having your own business and working as a self-employed salesperson. But in order to succeed, you should have a quality business plan in place. At REDX we provide real estate agents with the tools […]

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Sphere of Influence (Part 2)

05.09.2014 Leads

Continued from Part 1 Have a Plan for Contact Now that you have sent out your initial hello, establish a way to organize how often you want to contact your potential clients. Some people in your sphere will require more frequent contact than others, but always be sure to follow up with everyone. Don’t leave […]

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Sphere of Influence (Part 1)

04.17.2014 Industry Insights

A sphere of influence is something every real estate agent has or should have. Whether it be friends, family, former business associates or classmates, or others that you know through some aspect of your life, these are people that know you and have gained some sort of influence from you, even if just a small […]

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A Beginner’s Guide To Becoming A Successful Real Estate Agent

02.13.2014 Industry Insights

As a real estate agent, you wear many different hats. You play the role of a salesperson, an analyst, a consultant, a negotiator, and a marketer. There are many other responsibilities you must also take charge of, including accommodating your clients and meeting their needs on their time, anytime they need assistance. Even when the […]

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Setting Smart Goals

01.13.2014 Did You Know

January is a time for recommitment, a time for resolutions, and a time for goals. In any business, setting goals is crucial. Real estate is no exception. Even more crucial than setting goals, however, is setting the right goals. It’s easy to say, “I want to do $250k in commissions this year.” The hard part […]

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Tips for Effective Time Management for Real Estate Agents

01.02.2014 Buyers

At REDX, we strive to provide real estate agents with the best real estate solutions. One of the biggest ways to succeed as a real estate agent is to know how to practice and perfect time management. Here are some tips for real estate agents on how they can maximize their time to make more […]

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