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Setting Smart Goals

January is a time for recommitment, a time for resolutions, and a time for goals. In any business, setting goals is crucial. Real estate is no exception. Even more crucial than setting goals, however, is setting the right goals. It’s easy to say, “I want to do $250k in commissions this year.” The hard part… Read more »

5 Social Media Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents

The real estate profession is for social media marketing opportunity. Search engine optimization (SEO) and the world of social networking can be intimidating at first, but it’s not as complicated as one may think. When utilized correctly, social media marketing can result in a significant rise in website traffic, resulting in more clients and more… Read more »

4 Habits of Successful Real Estate Agents

Successful real estate agents are ones that focus on the things that need to be done in order to get business and keep their sales growing. It may be easier said than done, but there are many traits that these real estate agents have in common that make them successful. Stay ahead of your competition… Read more »

Succes with Voicemail Depends on Your Plan

By Tyler Fenn With communication as instant as it is today many of us still conduct the vast majority of our business over the phone. Don’t get me wrong, I send the occasional Facebook message, text, or Tweet to try and get in touch with off-the-grid contacts, but those forms of communication are always a… Read more »

Q&A w/ Deric Lipski Tomorrow @ 2pm (EST)

Reminder: If you have a question or listing objection for Deric please email it to with the subject line: Q&A Deric Lipski or you can leave in the comments. Deric Lipski is an active agent at Keller Williams in Easton, MA. An expired/FSBO listing rock star – he started in January 2011 posting live listing calls on You Tube… Read more »

iTunes – Download “Mail Yourself a Raise with Expireds”

If you missed the awesome “Mail Yourself a Raise with Expired Listings” tele-seminar in August,  then go to iTunes now, put it on your iPod and listen to it the next time you are driving to a listing appointment. The August tele-seminar featured Laura Duggan, the broker and owner of West Austin Properties in Austin, Texas…. Read more »

Most Watched Expired Listing Video

Want to be inspired with a REAL agent talking to REAL expired listings? Do a YouTube search for “expired listings”  and change the “sort by” option from “relevance” to “view count”.  You will find REDX rock star Deric Lipski’s video with 35,328 views (and counting!)  Now check out his You Tube channel: CallMrSold.  Lipski is one… Read more »

Did You Know? Lead Scripts

DYK: REDX comes loaded with expired, FSBO, and pre-foreclosure call scripts? You can also customize the default scripts or create your own.  One of the best features is you can have several scripts for each “niche” you are working and label them accordingly.  Want to learn more?  Call us: (800) 731-7339 To your success!

Mail Yourself a Raise with Expired Listings

REDX Monthly Tele-seminar – Tuesday, Aug. 23rd Register now Laura and Katy will show you the reasons why prospecting expired listings should be part of your business plan, and how they strategically decide which ones to select.  Also, they’ll share their process for getting the seller’s attention and how they get sellers to call them. Laura will describe how… Read more »