Time is Money

10.25.2013 REDX

A couple of posts ago, we painted a picture of just how much work it is to hunt down contact information and turn expired addresses into expired leads. In this post, we thought we’d examine just how much money sinking all that time into doing the research manually would actually cost you. Like we outlined [...]

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Working Old and New Expireds

10.04.2013 REDX

Fielding sales calls here at REDX, I’m finding more and more real estate agents are calling in to ask if our system can help them track down contact information on expireds from years prior. The answer is YES . . . as long as your MLS has still has those expired listings on its database. [...]

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Can’t I Get Expireds From My MLS?

09.12.2013 REDX

One question we receive fairly often from agents who are new to prospecting is, “Can’t I get expireds from my MLS?” The answer is yes you can get an expired listing, NO you can’t get an expired lead. The difference between the two is better understood by learning what the MLS provides and what REDX [...]

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Success with REDX Mail Merge

08.26.2013 REDX

By Jefferson Snow Being all about clearing the path to success for real estate professionals, we at REDX specialize in finding names and phone numbers to match MLS expireds. But what some people don’t know is that REDX’s Lead Manager tool has a mail merge feature built right into the program. That means you can [...]

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What to Say to an Expired

08.12.2013 REDX

By Jefferson Snow As a rep at REDX, agents have given me almost every reason in the book to convince themselves not to use expireds. The biggest hang-up most agents have going into working expired leads is not knowing what to say on the phones. That is a valid concern but it’s an easily solvable [...]

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July Tele-Seminar With Alex Glaser

08.01.2013 REDX

By Jefferson Snow It was only a few years ago that Alex Glaser was recent college-grad working for a contractor for $10 an hour. He had no idea that less than a decade later he’d be pulling $180k a year as the top-selling agent at a real estate brokerage. He’s only been doing real estate [...]

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Market Appreciation Means More FSBOs

06.10.2013 REDX
Thumbnail image for Market Appreciation Means More FSBOs

We’ve talked about this before but with the low amount of expireds hitting the MLS, it may be time to add FSBOs into the mix. Highlighted in an article* we did before, as expireds decrease in volume, we usually see a climb in the amount of FSBOs. With the housing market recovering and homes appreciating [...]

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Turn Back the Clock: Prospecting Past Expireds

06.03.2013 REDX
Thumbnail image for Turn Back the Clock: Prospecting Past Expireds

by Jefferson Snow The housing market is recovering. A recent article from Realtor.org® shows that 41 out of 50 states (including Washington DC) have appreciated price during the first quarter of 2013. When it was all averaged out across the country, home prices have risen 6.7% from quarter 1 of 2012 and 1.9% since quarter [...]

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NAR Agent vs REDX User Income

05.28.2013 REDX

Know thy customer. You’ve got to in order to run a successful business. That’s why REDX not only keeps up with its own users but keeps good tabs on our potential clientele as well. That being the case, we were excited to see some of NAR’s recent statistics on their typical Realtor®. Now on Realtor.org® [...]

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The 5 Percent

05.14.2013 REDX

By Jefferson Snow If you haven’t checked it out yet, NAR has recently released it’s 2012 REALTOR® Technology Survey. The report was a summary of about 1,100 surveys collected from real estate professionals. The survey asked a wide variety of questions to find out how agents are utilizing technology in their business. As you can [...]

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