Striking out with your expireds prospecting?

Prospecting expireds in real estate is like baseballI haven’t played baseball since Little League, I mean, really played baseball. With four sons running around the house, baseball is a springtime tradition, but the closest I get to playing these days is tossing the ball with my boys and shouting from the stands at their Little League games. my professional baseball career ended about the time I got braces (though the two aren’t related), and I haven’t actually played the game since.

But, whether you play baseball or not, there’s a valuable lesson to be learned from the game. In fact, this lesson is one that has helped me in my career and it’s one that you would do well to remember, when prospecting in real estate. Baseball has taught me that even the best players strike out. It’s just part of the game.

Let me explain:


You Found Your Expired Leads, Now What?

With the Vortex system, finding and managing expired leads can be completed in a fraction of the time.

In the real estate market, knowledge is power. Since 2003 REDX™ has been using advanced technology to help real estate agents efficiently maximize their potential for profit. Vortex™, REDX’s lead manager, makes finding and managing expired leads simple with its streamlined and intuitive design.

When agents use REDX, their time is spent working the leads not sourcing them and verifying the data. So, what is an expired lead? And how does REDX help maximize their worth with the Vortex system?

What is an Expired Lead?

Expired leads can be incredibly beneficial for agents. Agents can bulk up their listing inventory, maximize their profit and allow the property to successfully sell. But how do you know if a property qualifies as an expired lead?

Normally when listing a house, an agent will have a contract for a specified period of time to sell the property. Unfortunately not all homes sell within the contractual timeframe, so when that happens it has effectively expired off the market.  This leaves the homeowner with a few different options.

First, they can keep the same agent and attempt to sell it again. Second, the homeowner can get another agent and attempt to sell. Third, the homeowner can take the house off the market altogether.

What makes expireds such an amazing lead source is that the homeowner had a motivation to sell in the first place. It takes a lot of work and effort to decide to sell your home and then find an agent to do it. Great agents who work with expired listing understand how to find out the homeowner’s goals to get them the results they need to move on to their next place in life.

Why choose REDX for Expired Leads?

Vortex allows agents to successfully mine and filter through true expired leads. This system is thorough, efficient and personal. Vortex uses a streamlined system that filters dates, list price, status of prospecting and location when looking for expired leads.

Countless man-hours and expenses are now a thing of the past when searching for expired leads with REDX and Vortex. Public and private databases are available for accurate contact. Customizable fields are available for each listing, allowing agents to leave custom notes, specific scripts, up-to-date contact information to connect with homeowners for each expired lead.

Start taking advantage of expired leads

To make the most of these expired leads, it’s time to pull out your computer and get online! Get more information at You will quickly see how your REDX expired leads and Vortex can become a lucrative business strategy.

Why We Love Expired Leads

It might sound strange, but at REDX, we love hearing the word expired. Here’s why: Expired Leads are a great resource that allows realtors the opportunity to let their business grow substantially. However, acquiring and prospecting these leads once took a lot of time and footwork. They weren’t exactly anything to get excited about.

We Love Expired Leads!

What used to take hours and sometimes days can now be accomplished in a matter of minutes with REDX’s state of the art Vortex system. Instead of looking up expireds, verifying all the homeowner data through tax records, 411 info or other online sources, Vortex allows you to organize your leads for your respected market so you can strategically prospect to the best expired leads. 

But how do you use REDX’s Vortex system and how can expired leads help you gain profit and expand inventory?

How to use Expired Leads?

As we mentioned before, REDX Expireds allow realtors to expand their listing inventory. When an agent or homeowner is unable to sell their property within the designated time period, an expired listing is created. The owner could decide to relist their home again with the same agent, or they may simply take the property off the market with the expectation that they will try again later.

Whatever the case there was a reason they wanted to list and sell in the first place, and you may be the right agent to interview for the job of selling their home the second time.

REDX Expireds and Vortex,  you are able to view all the relevant property and homeowner information in your specific area. You can then organize and customize each of the listings in the order of your preference. This not only saves you time and energy, but also allows you to focus on developing a relationship with the client.

How do I get started with REDX?

REDX is here to help your business grow and your client relations flourish. Our hope is that you will develop a long-lasting relationship with your clients. We trust that you’ll have more time to do so by using our leads and tools.

Learn more about how to select a lead source by clicking here.

Lead Generation Tips and Tricks

Everyone has to start somewhere, and if you’re just getting started in real estate, the chances of being overwhelmed are high. You not only have to learn your market inside and out, you have to build your brand, make an impression with your community and generate new business. Prospecting for business and establishing and buildings a property inventory is key to long-term success, but we haven’t even begun talking about managing all of those!

Remember, all great real estate agents had to start exactly where you are. The good news is not all of them had the resources you do, like the help of REDX’s lead generation software Vortex. How exactly can REDX help? Let’s start from the beginning. Here are some tips and tricks.

Lead Generation Tips and Tricks

What are Some Lead Generation Tips?

Tip #1: Organization is Key

Every unique market has a plethora of information on listings, foreclosures and FSBO’s to look into. Utilizing that information used to take time and lots of footwork. Now, organization and management is simple with REDX’s lead management platform, Vortex.

Vortex begins by acquiring all of the new leads available in your market. Then it consolidates and formats the leads into organized categories including, FSBO’s, pre-foreclosures and expired properties. You can then simply and effectively view, select and start contacting those homeowners. While you could research and assemble these leads yourself, in most cases you will find gaps in your information.

REDX helps fill in those gaps to display an accurate and current reflection of the leads in your market. This helps you focus on focus on working the leads and having important conversations that convert with homeowners.

Tip #2: Happy Client, Happy Life

Today’s real estate market is far more crowded than it used to be, making it that much harder to set you apart from the others. However, when using REDX’s lead generation solutions, you have more time to focus on developing a relationship with your clients.

Because REDX has already completed a majority of the prospecting work, you have the ability to focus your attention on clients and properties you are confident in selling.

Tip #3: Start using REDX

Like we said, the key to being a great realtor is organization and people skills. With REDX expireds and FSBOs, powered with Vortex, you have the ability to expedite the prospecting process. Allowing you to organize and focus on properties you can confidently sell, while focusing on your client relationship.

Learn more about the free Vortex platform at While you are there, watch tutorials, read testimonials or send us a message. Our staff is always available to answer any of your lead generation questions. You have to start your real estate career somewhere. Why not start it on the right foot, with REDX today!

Short Sale Leads in a Nutshell

Short sale leads can be the basis for establishing a lasting relationship with a client and make for a long-lasting career. Short sale leads are increasingly common in the real estate market; homeowners want to sell their properties as quickly as possible, and that’s good news for you. Short sales are unlike FSBO’s, expireds or pre-foreclosures; the owner is making the information readily available for any agent interested. In a sense, with REDX’s prospecting platform, Vortex, you will have the advantage not only because it is cherry picking the best leads in your area, but also will eliminate the issue of how to find short sale leads.

How do I use REDX to find Short Sale Leads?

REDX’s patented Vortex prospecting platform allows agents like you to easily and readily access various leads for more than 200 unique areas across the United States. For short sale leads, REDX will provide you with daily updates on your respective location, allowing you to act quickly and effortlessly. Unlike looking through the real estate section, or worse, driving around looking for properties, REDX allows you to easily navigate and organize all of your potential prospects from the luxury of your home.

Once you have located your short sale lead, you will then be able to compile the necessary information with the help of a custom script, which you can write for each of your potential leads. Because short sale leads are so time sensitive and well sought after, it is crucial that you have all your information ready at a moments notice.

Sign up with REDX Today!

Signing up with REDX will not only grow your inventory and client list, but also give you the ability to hone your skills on a variety of leads. REDX provides its Vortex system for FSBO’s pre-foreclosures, expireds and short sale leads.  

To recap, short sale leads are incredibly helpful in developing relations with clients and establishing your business due to their no-strings attached deal. They are highly sought after and will be acquired quickly. Luckily with REDX, you have the ability to confidently acquire those sales with all of the necessary tools you require. Go to to see first hand how our Vortex system works. Sign up today!

How to Sell Expired Leads

When you decide to prospect on an expired lead, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. Unlike FSBO’s or pre-foreclosures, expireds are the most lucrative property for an agent. Generally with expireds, the client will want to sell their property as quickly as possible in order to avoid taking it off the market or attempting to sell it themselves. Time is of the essence when it comes to prospecting expireds. With REDX’s Vortex Prospecting System, we will show you how to sell expireds the only way we know; the right way.

Are you Organized?

When you begin prospecting an expired, it is imperative that you have all of the necessary information to move forward. How long has it been off the market? Is all of the information including original listing price, address and owners number available? If you don’t have all of this information, you may find yourself in an embarrassing situation that could cost you the sale, not to mention all of the time and expense prospecting. With REDX’s Vortex system, we assemble a daily list of callable expired leads, allowing you to decide which property best suits your skill set. REDX provides all current and up-to-date information for their expireds database. REDX allows you to organize your expireds with customizable scripts, giving you the upper hand when giving your potential clients a call.

How effective is REDX’s Vortex System?

With REDX’s Vortex prospecting platform, not only will you see an increase in your inventory and sales, but you will also have the confidence to sell any property in your area. Vortex also prospects for FSBO’s and Pre-Foreclosure leads. Go to to see how Vortex works and why it is so effective for so many agents. Lastly, REDX will save you money. You can make monthly, quarterly or annual payments on any of their services or bundle multiple services to save even more. We guarantee your car and your stamina will thank us. The next time you think about prospecting for expireds, remember, you could be doubling your inventory, sales, and clients with REDX’s Vortex Prospecting Platform. Join The REDX today!

How to Find For Sale by Owner Leads

For sale by owner leads are one of the toughest leads to prospect and acquire. However, they can also be the most rewarding sales that you can make as an agent. Unlike expireds or short sale leads, for sale by owner leads require a particular set of skills in order to be successful. The most important is the ability to empathize with your client’s situation.

Generally, with for sale by owner leads, the owners have already tried to sell their property, if not multiple times before. And often times these owners are so desperate that they attempt to sell these houses themselves. Most of the time, this desperation will lessen their expectations, potentially losing money on their property. With REDX you will have all of the tools necessary to satisfy your clients. While it takes an immense amount of care, planning and intuition, REDX’s prospecting platform will give you everything you need to successfully prospect, land and sell a for sale by owner lead.

Will REDX show me where to find FSBO leads?

Yes, REDX’s Vortex platform will give you all of the information necessary to find your FSBO leads. Vortex begins by using a specific algorithm to mine through terabytes worth of raw data. From this raw data, REDX fills in any missing information, giving you a complete and accurate listing. The listing and all of its information is then compiled and made readily available for your specific area.

REDX will separate listings based on their status, making it easier to discern between a FSBO or expired lead. For FSBO’s it is crucial that you have all of the information readily available to you. With REDX, you have the ability to organize and customize each property listing with specific notes or script. Instead of cold calling or scouring your area for properties, REDX allows you to locate and organize your leads from the comfort of your office or home.

Sign up for less than the cost of a tank of gas!

Unlike other prospecting platforms and services, REDX wants you to make money on your sales. With the Vortex platform, not only will you save time and energy for your client, but also save money by eliminating typical prospecting costs like gas. Starting at $29.99 a month you can have full access to Vortex’s list of for sale by owner leads. These lists are updated daily and available at all times. Go to to learn more about for sale by owner leads and why REDX will give you the edge on closing them. Sign up today!

The Hard Facts About Pre-Foreclosure Scripts

Face the facts; selling houses is hard work. Selling a pre-foreclosure is even harder work. Think about all of the effort you have to put in just to get the owners attention, let alone all the leg work it takes to track down those leads.

Fortunately, with REDX’s unbelievable Vortex prospecting system, finding and selling pre-foreclosures, FSBO’s, and expireds has never easier. Vortex’s patented algorithm condenses terabytes worth of data for more than 200 unique markets and formats them in a methodical and simple workflow. Agents who use Vortex not only double their inventory, but receive higher satisfaction reviews from their clients.

Because Vortex takes care of the legwork, it allows you to focus your attention on the most important aspect of selling: the client. But what else can Vortex do when it comes to satisfying the client? Can it help me with writing scripts and organizing them accordingly to each specific client? Yes, Vortex allows you to handle each client and your last stop on where to find pre-foreclosure scripts.

Why having a Pre-Foreclosure script is so important?

Unlike other prospecting platforms, REDX’s unique tool grants you the ability to write your own custom pre-foreclosure scripts, and organize them accordingly to each sale of your preference. This can be especially important when selling a pre-foreclosure given the sensitive nature of the sale. Because pre-foreclosures by nature have to be a quick sell, these properties can be very lucrative for the agent, not to mention great for expanding their inventory.

However, many times the information for the property provided by city records, ads, or by the owner have incorrect or missing information. REDX’s Vortex system, has got you covered. By giving you all of the correct information and displaying it in readable workflow, you will be able to land that sale. By readily having a pre-foreclosure script that is easily accessible with the rest of the property’s crucial information, you’ll not only set yourself apart from other agents, but give you the confidence necessary to land this sale.

Sign up with REDX Today!

In the Real Estate industry, knowledge is power. With REDX’s Vortex Prospecting platform, never fumble over information when reading your pre-foreclosure scripts again; Sign up with REDX today at

Read testimonials from both clients and agents, learn how to organize and customize your personal prospecting page and see that for only $39.99 a month, you can get access to every pre-foreclosure property in your area. Sign up today!

What is a FSBO?

Knowledge is power in the real-estate market, especially if you’re looking to make a profit. Did you know that on average a for sale by owner (FSBO lead) property will lose up to $40,000 when not using an agent?

This can be devastating for the owners who rely on every penny to start the next chapter in their life with a new home. While about 12% will simply throw in the towel and take their house off the market, the other 88% will generally find an agent to help sell their FSBO lead so that they can continue with the sales process. But how can you stand out from the pack and make sure that you represent and facilitate a successful FSBO leads? With REDX’s FSBO leads system of course!

How does REDX’s FSBO lead system work?

REDX’s FSBO leads system begins with interpreting and analyzing raw data from thousands of sale notices, craigslist ads and local information specific to your location and market. From there, REDX’s specific algorithm is applied to help sort out any of the dead ends and fills in any missing information to create a complete FSBO lead for you to decide if you want to take it on. If you decide to take on a FSBO lead, then you probably want to start thinking about how to approach the seller.

What to do with your FSBO Scripts?

A crucial element to successfully attaining a FSBO lead is all about your delivery. REDX’s FSBO leads system allows you add custom notes, scripts and organize each individual FSBO lead into designated categories. This saves the time and energy you would spend scouring the internet for potential FSBO leads and instead allows you to focus on the client and leads that will be most successful for you.

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REDX’s FSBO lead system is an affordable system that guarantees results, happy sellers and happy clients. Sign up with REDX today and see how you can successfully expand your portfolio, personally engage with more clients and help sell FSBO leads with confidence.

What Are FSBO Scripts and How Can I Use Them?

What are FSBO leads?

What are FSBO scripts?

First thing’s first. Knowledge is power in the real-estate market, especially if you’re looking to make a profit. Did you know that on average, a property for sale by owner (FSBO) will lose up to $40,000 in value when not using an agent? This can be devastating for owners who rely on every penny to start the next chapter in their life with a new home.

While about 12% will simply throw in the towel and take their house off the market, the other 88% will generally find an agent to help in the sale process. These are FSBO leads. But how can you stand out from the crowd and take advantage of the best FSBO leads in your area? Let REDX’s FSBO leads system help!

How does REDX’s FSBO lead system work?

REDX’s FSBO leads system begins with interpreting and analyzing raw data from thousands of sale notices, craigslist ads and information specific to your location and market. From there, REDX sorts out any dead-ends, duplicates, and delivers the leads first thing every morning before you’ve even left your house for the office.

If you decide to take on a FSBO lead, the next step is to start thinking about how to approach the seller.

What are FSBO Scripts?

A crucial element to successfully attaining FSBO leads is your delivery. FSBO call scripts help guide you in how to communicate with sellers. REDX’s FSBO lead system comes loaded with pre-made FSBO scripts for your convenience.

The system also allows you to customize default scripts, or create your own. REDX will also organize scripts for you into different categories, saving you time and energy and allowing you to focus on the client and leads that will be most successful for you.

Sign up for REDX today

Using REDX’s FSBO leads system is an affordable and organized system that guarantees results, happy sellers and happy clients. Sign up with REDX here today and see how you can successfully expand your portfolio, personally engage with more clients and help attain FSBO leads with confidence.