Lead Generation Tips and Tricks

Everyone has to start somewhere, and if you’re just getting started in real estate, the chances of being overwhelmed are high. You not only have to learn your market inside and out, you have to build your brand, make an impression with your community and generate new business. Prospecting for business and establishing and buildings a property inventory is key to long-term success, but we haven’t even begun talking about managing all of those!

Remember, all great real estate agents had to start exactly where you are. The good news is not all of them had the resources you do, like the help of REDX’s lead generation software Vortex. How exactly can REDX help? Let’s start from the beginning. Here are some tips and tricks.

Lead Generation Tips and Tricks

What are Some Lead Generation Tips?

Tip #1: Organization is Key

Every unique market has a plethora of information on listings, foreclosures and FSBO’s to look into. Utilizing that information used to take time and lots of footwork. Now, organization and management is simple with REDX’s lead management platform, Vortex.

Vortex begins by acquiring all of the new leads available in your market. Then it consolidates and formats the leads into organized categories including, FSBO’s, pre-foreclosures and expired properties. You can then simply and effectively view, select and start contacting those homeowners. While you could research and assemble these leads yourself, in most cases you will find gaps in your information.

REDX helps fill in those gaps to display an accurate and current reflection of the leads in your market. This helps you focus on focus on working the leads and having important conversations that convert with homeowners.

Tip #2: Happy Client, Happy Life

Today’s real estate market is far more crowded than it used to be, making it that much harder to set you apart from the others. However, when using REDX’s lead generation solutions, you have more time to focus on developing a relationship with your clients.

Because REDX has already completed a majority of the prospecting work, you have the ability to focus your attention on clients and properties you are confident in selling.

Tip #3: Start using REDX

Like we said, the key to being a great realtor is organization and people skills. With REDX expireds and FSBOs, powered with Vortex, you have the ability to expedite the prospecting process. Allowing you to organize and focus on properties you can confidently sell, while focusing on your client relationship.

Learn more about the free Vortex platform at http://www.theredx.com/vortex. While you are there, watch tutorials, read testimonials or send us a message. Our staff is always available to answer any of your lead generation questions. You have to start your real estate career somewhere. Why not start it on the right foot, with REDX today!

Short Sale Leads in a Nutshell

Short sale leads can be the basis for establishing a lasting relationship with a client and make for a long-lasting career. Short sale leads are increasingly common in the real estate market; homeowners want to sell their properties as quickly as possible, and that’s good news for you. Short sales are unlike FSBO’s, expireds or pre-foreclosures; the owner is making the information readily available for any agent interested. In a sense, with REDX’s prospecting platform, Vortex, you will have the advantage not only because it is cherry picking the best leads in your area, but also will eliminate the issue of how to find short sale leads.

How do I use REDX to find Short Sale Leads?

REDX’s patented Vortex prospecting platform allows agents like you to easily and readily access various leads for more than 200 unique areas across the United States. For short sale leads, REDX will provide you with daily updates on your respective location, allowing you to act quickly and effortlessly. Unlike looking through the real estate section, or worse, driving around looking for properties, REDX allows you to easily navigate and organize all of your potential prospects from the luxury of your home.

Once you have located your short sale lead, you will then be able to compile the necessary information with the help of a custom script, which you can write for each of your potential leads. Because short sale leads are so time sensitive and well sought after, it is crucial that you have all your information ready at a moments notice.

Sign up with REDX Today!

Signing up with REDX will not only grow your inventory and client list, but also give you the ability to hone your skills on a variety of leads. REDX provides its Vortex system for FSBO’s pre-foreclosures, expireds and short sale leads.  

To recap, short sale leads are incredibly helpful in developing relations with clients and establishing your business due to their no-strings attached deal. They are highly sought after and will be acquired quickly. Luckily with REDX, you have the ability to confidently acquire those sales with all of the necessary tools you require. Go to http://www.theredx.com/vortex to see first hand how our Vortex system works. Sign up today!

How to Sell Expired Leads

When you decide to prospect on an expired lead, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. Unlike FSBO’s or pre-foreclosures, expireds are the most lucrative property for an agent. Generally with expireds, the client will want to sell their property as quickly as possible in order to avoid taking it off the market or attempting to sell it themselves. Time is of the essence when it comes to prospecting expireds. With REDX’s Vortex Prospecting System, we will show you how to sell expireds the only way we know; the right way.

Are you Organized?

When you begin prospecting an expired, it is imperative that you have all of the necessary information to move forward. How long has it been off the market? Is all of the information including original listing price, address and owners number available? If you don’t have all of this information, you may find yourself in an embarrassing situation that could cost you the sale, not to mention all of the time and expense prospecting. With REDX’s Vortex system, we assemble a daily list of callable expired leads, allowing you to decide which property best suits your skill set. REDX provides all current and up-to-date information for their expireds database. REDX allows you to organize your expireds with customizable scripts, giving you the upper hand when giving your potential clients a call.

How effective is REDX’s Vortex System?

With REDX’s Vortex prospecting platform, not only will you see an increase in your inventory and sales, but you will also have the confidence to sell any property in your area. Vortex also prospects for FSBO’s and Pre-Foreclosure leads. Go to http://www.theredx.com/expireds to see how Vortex works and why it is so effective for so many agents. Lastly, REDX will save you money. You can make monthly, quarterly or annual payments on any of their services or bundle multiple services to save even more. We guarantee your car and your stamina will thank us. The next time you think about prospecting for expireds, remember, you could be doubling your inventory, sales, and clients with REDX’s Vortex Prospecting Platform. Join The REDX today!

How to Find For Sale by Owner Leads

For sale by owner leads are one of the toughest leads to prospect and acquire. However, they can also be the most rewarding sales that you can make as an agent. Unlike expireds or short sale leads, for sale by owner leads require a particular set of skills in order to be successful. The most important is the ability to empathize with your client’s situation.

Generally, with for sale by owner leads, the owners have already tried to sell their property, if not multiple times before. And often times these owners are so desperate that they attempt to sell these houses themselves. Most of the time, this desperation will lessen their expectations, potentially losing money on their property. With REDX you will have all of the tools necessary to satisfy your clients. While it takes an immense amount of care, planning and intuition, REDX’s prospecting platform will give you everything you need to successfully prospect, land and sell a for sale by owner lead.

Will REDX show me where to find FSBO leads?

Yes, REDX’s Vortex platform will give you all of the information necessary to find your FSBO leads. Vortex begins by using a specific algorithm to mine through terabytes worth of raw data. From this raw data, REDX fills in any missing information, giving you a complete and accurate listing. The listing and all of its information is then compiled and made readily available for your specific area.

REDX will separate listings based on their status, making it easier to discern between a FSBO or expired lead. For FSBO’s it is crucial that you have all of the information readily available to you. With REDX, you have the ability to organize and customize each property listing with specific notes or script. Instead of cold calling or scouring your area for properties, REDX allows you to locate and organize your leads from the comfort of your office or home.

Sign up for less than the cost of a tank of gas!

Unlike other prospecting platforms and services, REDX wants you to make money on your sales. With the Vortex platform, not only will you save time and energy for your client, but also save money by eliminating typical prospecting costs like gas. Starting at $29.99 a month you can have full access to Vortex’s list of for sale by owner leads. These lists are updated daily and available at all times. Go to http://www.theredx.com/fsbos to learn more about for sale by owner leads and why REDX will give you the edge on closing them. Sign up today!

The Hard Facts About Pre-Foreclosure Scripts

Face the facts; selling houses is hard work. Selling a pre-foreclosure is even harder work. Think about all of the effort you have to put in just to get the owners attention, let alone all the leg work it takes to track down those leads.

Fortunately, with REDX’s unbelievable Vortex prospecting system, finding and selling pre-foreclosures, FSBO’s, and expireds has never easier. Vortex’s patented algorithm condenses terabytes worth of data for more than 200 unique markets and formats them in a methodical and simple workflow. Agents who use Vortex not only double their inventory, but receive higher satisfaction reviews from their clients.

Because Vortex takes care of the legwork, it allows you to focus your attention on the most important aspect of selling: the client. But what else can Vortex do when it comes to satisfying the client? Can it help me with writing scripts and organizing them accordingly to each specific client? Yes, Vortex allows you to handle each client and your last stop on where to find pre-foreclosure scripts.

Why having a Pre-Foreclosure script is so important?

Unlike other prospecting platforms, REDX’s unique tool grants you the ability to write your own custom pre-foreclosure scripts, and organize them accordingly to each sale of your preference. This can be especially important when selling a pre-foreclosure given the sensitive nature of the sale. Because pre-foreclosures by nature have to be a quick sell, these properties can be very lucrative for the agent, not to mention great for expanding their inventory.

However, many times the information for the property provided by city records, ads, or by the owner have incorrect or missing information. REDX’s Vortex system, has got you covered. By giving you all of the correct information and displaying it in readable workflow, you will be able to land that sale. By readily having a pre-foreclosure script that is easily accessible with the rest of the property’s crucial information, you’ll not only set yourself apart from other agents, but give you the confidence necessary to land this sale.

Sign up with REDX Today!

In the Real Estate industry, knowledge is power. With REDX’s Vortex Prospecting platform, never fumble over information when reading your pre-foreclosure scripts again; Sign up with REDX today at http://www.theredx.com/vortex.

Read testimonials from both clients and agents, learn how to organize and customize your personal prospecting page and see that for only $39.99 a month, you can get access to every pre-foreclosure property in your area. Sign up today!

What is a FSBO?

Knowledge is power in the real-estate market, especially if you’re looking to make a profit. Did you know that on average a for sale by owner (FSBO lead) property will lose up to $40,000 when not using an agent?

This can be devastating for the owners who rely on every penny to start the next chapter in their life with a new home. While about 12% will simply throw in the towel and take their house off the market, the other 88% will generally find an agent to help sell their FSBO lead so that they can continue with the sales process. But how can you stand out from the pack and make sure that you represent and facilitate a successful FSBO leads? With REDX’s FSBO leads system of course!

How does REDX’s FSBO lead system work?

REDX’s FSBO leads system begins with interpreting and analyzing raw data from thousands of sale notices, craigslist ads and local information specific to your location and market. From there, REDX’s specific algorithm is applied to help sort out any of the dead ends and fills in any missing information to create a complete FSBO lead for you to decide if you want to take it on. If you decide to take on a FSBO lead, then you probably want to start thinking about how to approach the seller.

What to do with your FSBO Scripts?

A crucial element to successfully attaining a FSBO lead is all about your delivery. REDX’s FSBO leads system allows you add custom notes, scripts and organize each individual FSBO lead into designated categories. This saves the time and energy you would spend scouring the internet for potential FSBO leads and instead allows you to focus on the client and leads that will be most successful for you.

Sign up for REDX today

REDX’s FSBO lead system is an affordable system that guarantees results, happy sellers and happy clients. Sign up with REDX today and see how you can successfully expand your portfolio, personally engage with more clients and help sell FSBO leads with confidence.

What Are FSBO Scripts and How Can I Use Them?

What are FSBO leads?

What are FSBO scripts?

First thing’s first. Knowledge is power in the real-estate market, especially if you’re looking to make a profit. Did you know that on average, a property for sale by owner (FSBO) will lose up to $40,000 in value when not using an agent? This can be devastating for owners who rely on every penny to start the next chapter in their life with a new home.

While about 12% will simply throw in the towel and take their house off the market, the other 88% will generally find an agent to help in the sale process. These are FSBO leads. But how can you stand out from the crowd and take advantage of the best FSBO leads in your area? Let REDX’s FSBO leads system help!

How does REDX’s FSBO lead system work?

REDX’s FSBO leads system begins with interpreting and analyzing raw data from thousands of sale notices, craigslist ads and information specific to your location and market. From there, REDX sorts out any dead-ends, duplicates, and delivers the leads first thing every morning before you’ve even left your house for the office.

If you decide to take on a FSBO lead, the next step is to start thinking about how to approach the seller.

What are FSBO Scripts?

A crucial element to successfully attaining FSBO leads is your delivery. FSBO call scripts help guide you in how to communicate with sellers. REDX’s FSBO lead system comes loaded with pre-made FSBO scripts for your convenience.

The system also allows you to customize default scripts, or create your own. REDX will also organize scripts for you into different categories, saving you time and energy and allowing you to focus on the client and leads that will be most successful for you.

Sign up for REDX today

Using REDX’s FSBO leads system is an affordable and organized system that guarantees results, happy sellers and happy clients. Sign up with REDX here today and see how you can successfully expand your portfolio, personally engage with more clients and help attain FSBO leads with confidence.

The Great Expired Lead Hoax: Why Everyone Ignores the Real Estate Lead Goldmine

The key to growing your business is toLet’s say you’re new to the real estate game. You know how to list properties. You know how to present them for prospective buyers. You know how to sell. You’re good at building trustful, lasting relationships with the clients you have because you’re one hundred and ten percent committed to getting them the best deal you can.

People will tell you these are the qualities you need to be a real estate ace and they’re right – you do. So why is your business struggling? What are you missing?

The Fallacy

The truth is that all these things are not all you need. Many successful real estate businesses are founded on long-standing relationships between agents and clients who know and trust them. When they want to sell a property, there’s only one person they call. But these relationships have to begin somewhere. You probably have a couple of friends and family members who will happily list with you. That’s fantastic, but you need to be aware that you’re unlikely to make enough sales from them to keep yourself in business. Sitting around and waiting for the phone to ring is simply poor practice. If you want more listings, you need to go out and find them.

The Goldmine

The unfortunate reality of the market is that not all properties sell on their first listing. There could be a myriad of reasons why this happened: overpriced listing, unrealistic expectations, unwillingness for correct marketing of the home to its best advantage, to just plain old rotten luck. The key to growing your business is to realize that every failure is only an opportunity for success in disguise.

What Should I Do?

Start contacting homeowners who have previously listed with other agents. If you can sell their property when someone else couldn’t, who do you think they will contact next time they want to buy or sell? Expired listings are a great way of finding ready and willing clients who you can turn into repeat business.

REDX can provide you with the highest quality homeowner data and seller leads that will allow you to find more listings right away. Call us for more information about our services, or sign up today.

Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Marketing Budget?

Marketing Getting the Message outIf you are anything like most small business owners, chances are you look at your marketing budget a little bit like the way you look at your bill when you take your car in for service. There are a lot of figures and you’re not totally sure what all of them mean. They say they have to fly some of the parts in from Germany, but you know you’d better pay for them unless you want to find yourself broken down in the middle of a deserted country road one dark night. It’s money out for maintenance, a necessary expense. But there’s another way to think about your marketing budget.

What Does Your Budget Do for You?

First and foremost, it keeps your name out there in your local area, so that when someone is looking for a realtor, they know they can come to you. But that’s a very unambitious approach to marketing. What you really want is for people not to even look for a realtor. You want the first impulse of a person who has decided to move house or is considering buying an investment property to be to grab the phone and call you. They should have seen your face already that day when they opened the newspaper. They should have read your name the day before when they were buying groceries down the street. In other words, you want a marketing solution that lets you reach people, not just lets them reach you.

Getting the Word Out While Keeping the Money In

You can saturate your community with advertising if you want to, but that’s going to get very expensive very quickly. Smarter, more cost-effective marketing campaigns are targeted and needn’t break the bank. You might consider sponsoring a local event or sporting team. The latter is an excellent way to advertise. Not only does it show how much you care about your community, but for the price of a few custom uniforms, your business name will be displayed around your area and potentially beyond every week of the season!

Winning New Business with Serious ROI

By far, the best way to market yourself is going to be through prospecting homeowners who need to sell. When you get the job done of selling a home when another agent had failed to do so (expired listings), you have created the best marketing through excellent customer service. Referrals will lead to a long-term marketing asset as you building your sphere of influence in your community.

There are a lot of ways you can get your message out and make the most of every dollar in your marketing budget. The only limit to your reach is your imagination and perseverance!

Learn more about how to market to homeowners who need to sell at www.theredx.com.

3 Things Your Client Won’t Tell You: The Art of Working with Preforeclosures


As any experienced agent will tell you, working with preforeclosures can a tricky business. Your client is in a difficult financial situation and likely to be under enormous pressure, so you need to use all the tact and sensitivity you have at your disposal.  People in dire circumstances tend to be anxious to get out of them, they may not be entirely forthcoming about anything that could make their property a less attractive prospect – it is up to you to get the full story and make sure you know how to price their home correctly.  Make sure you know enough in the following three areas:

#1: Costs 

Ask your client about the outstanding balance of the loan and any liens on the property, but don’t leave it there. Do your homework and head over to the public records office to check for yourself. Remember to subtract this amount, as well as any insurance costs, from your valuation of the property so that you have an accurate figure.

#2: Repairs

The upkeep of any building costs money, and if a homeowner is being foreclosed upon, chances are they haven’t had a lot of cash lying around to make basic or even essential repairs upon their property for quite a while. Make a thorough inspection of the property, keeping careful note of any repairs that a potential buyer would need to make. You could even bring along a contractor to help you make estimates of the likely costs. Like the overheads, these necessary repairs will affect your bottom line.

#3: The Devil’s in the Details

Get to know your client’s situation. This is a basic part of any realtor-client relationship, but it becomes even more essential when working with preforeclosures. What are your client’s current circumstances? How did they end up in the position of defaulting on their loan? What steps have they taken and, more crucially, are they taking any steps to  remedy the situation? Being properly informed will protect you from being hit with any unpleasant surprises down the line.

Above all, remember to be sensitive. Your client is in trouble, but with a thoughtful approach, you can turn their preforeclosure to both your advantage.