April Tele-Seminar With Larry Faris Part 2

05.06.2013 REDX

Previously on the REDX blog: we recapped our monthly Tele-Seminar for April. Our guest was Larry Faris, one of Burbank, California’s finest agents. Larry was so prolific on the call it was like drinking from a fire hose. Dedicating one post to sum it up hardly did it justice. In fact, I probably won’t do [...]

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April Tele-Seminar With Larry Faris

04.30.2013 REDX

Yet again, it’s time for the Tele-Seminar recap. Every month our very own Michelle Holt sits down with REDX All Stars to pick their brains about how they’re making a killing on prospecting with REDX along with what else they’re doing in their business that is helping them be successful. This month we cornered one [...]

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The Disciplined Agent

04.15.2013 REDX

By Jefferson REDX has been helping agents for nearly a decade now. During that time we’ve gotten to know our clientele rather well. Through the hundreds of interviews, surveys, and testimonials we’ve collected while in business, we are finding several common traits among our most prosperous agents. These characteristics reflect a certain discipline that agents [...]

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Why Expireds Should Re-List Now

04.04.2013 REDX

By Jefferson Snow Expireds usually fall into two major categories. The first is the expired listing that will end up signing with a new agent within the first 30 days. These are the owners you want to find. But unfortunately, the only make up about a third of total expireds. The other category of expireds [...]

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REDX March Madness Tele-Seminar with Maria Barr

03.25.2013 REDX

By Jefferson Snow I guess the title above is a little misleading. There was no basketball talked on this past Tele-Seminar but there were definitely some kernels of real estate wisdom you need to hear. Maria Barr is averaging one or two listings a week prospecting with REDX leads and aims at taking on at [...]

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Rocky the Realtor Tells All: Highlights from our February Tele-Seminar

03.14.2013 REDX

By Jefferson Snow In REDX’s February Tele-Seminar we sat down with prospecting powerhouse Rocky Wright. For me, it was one of the most informative and inspiring calls we’ve done since I’ve worked here. The guy really knows what he’s talking about. The man did $40 million in sales during the boom of 2005 and has [...]

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Working FSBO’s in a Low-Inventory Market

03.01.2013 REDX
Thumbnail image for Working FSBO’s in a Low-Inventory Market

By Jefferson Snow Consider this the sequel to our last post. We shall dub today’s entry “The FSBOs Strike Back!” If you’ll remember, last week we were discussing the opportunity of working expireds in a low-inventory market. Today, let’s talk about FSBO’s in that same environment. As you’re probably seeing in your neck of the [...]

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Working Expireds In Low-Inventory Markets

Thumbnail image for Working Expireds In Low-Inventory Markets 02.21.2013 REDX

By Jefferson Snow I work on the REDX sales floor. It allows me to keep my ear to the ground and really see what real estate agents are dealing with in their day to day work. One huge concern I keep getting lately, especially as it relates to expired leads, is the problem of low [...]

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How the Pros Use the REDX Lead Manager: 4 Quick Tips For Higher Prospecting Efficiency

02.15.2013 REDX

A few weeks ago, we talked about some underused features in the REDX. Today we wanted to talk about some little tweaks you can make to your system we’ve seen some of our best users employ to make their prospecting efforts even more efficient when it comes to working expired and FSBO leads with REDX. [...]

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REDX FSBO’s, Providing Customers With Success

02.12.2013 REDX

By Jefferson Snow As a salesman, it’s great to be proud of the product you sell. Thankfully, I sell REDX. When I’m not blogging here, I’m on the front lines, making sales calls. I spend about 40 hours a week pitching our real estate leads, so it makes a world of difference when I hear [...]

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