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Prospecting Expired Listings: “A Great Service” Part 2

“Prospecting expired [leads] in the real estate market is wonderful because it takes a negative experience out of the consumer’s mind and it makes it a positive one,” said Scott Cramer, Realtor® in Orange County.   This is one of the reasons that many homeowners are grateful to be on an expired lead list when their home… Read more »

Striking out with your expireds prospecting?

I haven’t played baseball since Little League, I mean, really played baseball. With four sons running around the house, baseball is a springtime tradition, but the closest I get to playing these days is tossing the ball with my boys and shouting from the stands at their Little League games. my professional baseball career ended… Read more »

Short Sale Leads in a Nutshell

Short sale leads can be the basis for establishing a lasting relationship with a client and make for a long-lasting career. Short sale leads are increasingly common in the real estate market; homeowners want to sell their properties as quickly as possible, and that’s good news for you. Short sales are unlike FSBO’s, expireds or… Read more »

The Hard Facts About Pre-Foreclosure Scripts

Face the facts; selling houses is hard work. Selling a pre-foreclosure is even harder work. Think about all of the effort you have to put in just to get the owners attention, let alone all the leg work it takes to track down those leads. Fortunately, with REDX’s unbelievable Vortex prospecting system, finding and selling… Read more »

The Great Expired Lead Hoax: Why Everyone Ignores the Real Estate Lead Goldmine

Let’s say you’re new to the real estate game. You know how to list properties. You know how to present them for prospective buyers. You know how to sell. You’re good at building trustful, lasting relationships with the clients you have because you’re one hundred and ten percent committed to getting them the best deal… Read more »

2 Ways to Completely Revamp Your Expired Leads

With more than 12 years of experience serving thousands of agents prospect, REDX has a proven track record of helping agents get results. The top earners in the game rely upon it and use it every day. Hundreds of once struggling realtors have testified to how signing up for REDX literally transformed their businesses overnight. There… Read more »

3 Little Changes that Will Make a Big Difference in Your Real Estate Sales

They may say that the biggest part of success is just showing up, but in real estate, the biggest part of making sales is being the first to show up, and having all the right information. Follow these three changes to your routine and start seeing differences in your sales. Be the First to Know… Read more »

Expired Leads Not Working? You’re Probably Doing It Wrong

The statistics are very much in your favor when you work with expired listings. Overwhelmingly, properties that have been put on the market and subsequently withdrawn without selling are ultimately re-listed, and it is very infrequent that the seller will retain the same agent who was unable to sell it the first time. You might… Read more »

Why You Need to Take Advantage of Expired and FSBO Leads

Ask any top agent how they got to be where they are, and their response will often include two main things: repeats and recommendations.  What a great goal to have everyone we work with so impressed by the deal we negotiated that they tell all their friends how great we are and come back to us again and… Read more »