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How Successful Real Estate Agents Manage Their Time

A lot of agents get duped into busying themselves with administrative tasks so they feel like they are working.  However, just because you’re running around your office doesn’t mean you’re productively building your business. As Henry David Thoreau said, “It’s not enough to be busy, so are the ants. The question is, what are we… Read more »

The Great Expired Lead Hoax: Why Everyone Ignores the Real Estate Lead Goldmine

Let’s say you’re new to the real estate game. You know how to list properties. You know how to present them for prospective buyers. You know how to sell. You’re good at building trustful, lasting relationships with the clients you have because you’re one hundred and ten percent committed to getting them the best deal… Read more »

Realty Reality: 3 Signs You Need to Get a New Marketing Solution

All real estate agents need to think about how they market themselves. This goes way beyond the obvious choices you’ve already consciously made, like the design of the ads in your window or the logo on your literature. Little things, from the way you dress to the firmness of your grip when you shake someone’s… Read more »

3 Little Changes that Will Make a Big Difference in Your Real Estate Sales

They may say that the biggest part of success is just showing up, but in real estate, the biggest part of making sales is being the first to show up, and having all the right information. Follow these three changes to your routine and start seeing differences in your sales. Be the First to Know… Read more »

End your Lead Drought Once and For All!

Does this scenario sound familiar? You qualify as a realtor, you’ve got your smartphone, your gym membership, you have an aura of confidence and success. Then you get your first couple of listings. You help a friend find a new apartment, or maybe a relative buy their first home. You kill it, naturally, because you’re a… Read more »

Goals That Work: Real Estate Success in 2015

Setting goals. We hear it every January from those smug, organized individuals who always seem to have their ducks (and their to-do lists) in a row. But what if setting goals was a truly useful activity that made a difference in your income? What if it helped to motivate you and keep you on track?… Read more »

Back to Basics: Using the Slow Season to Brush Up on Your Prospecting Skills

As the cold begins to creep in, the real estate market inevitably starts to slow. At this time of year you will most likely have fewer appointments and showings than you enjoyed in the summer months. Use this time to brush up on one of your most important real estate tools: prospecting. Here are five ways… Read more »

Being a Real Estate Hero: Prospecting During the Holidays through Stellar Customer Service

This holiday season, families across the country will gather for Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations. If they live far away from each other, these events may be the only time throughout the year when everyone can sit down and talk face to face about family issues. One of the biggest family issues facing baby boomers today… Read more »

Data that Drives Success: Paula Burlison Case Study

In 2007, the bottom dropped out of the housing market and real estate values in the United States fell by $6 trillion. During this time, Paula Burlison was working as a realtor in Las Vegas, Nevada, one of the hardest hit markets in the country. While other realtors floundered, Paula not only managed to keep… Read more »