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Optimizing Your Prospecting Funnel

Real Estate Prospecting Is A Numbers Game. The more people you contact, the more you increase your chances of finding quality leads that result in signed contracts.  When you increase your prospecting power, you increase your income. One powerful way to immediately bump up your prospecting power is to use a dialer.  In fact realtors who… Read more »

The Easiest Listing Appointment A Real Estate Agent Can Get

I don’t know why more agents aren’t prospecting to people like me; I’m probably the easiest listing appointment an agent could get. Seriously, I’ve not had a single agent call me. Sometimes I wish they would . . . and before I lose my mind. Click Here For A FREE FRBO Script Early in my… Read more »

REDX Presents Vortex®, The Cloud-based Lead Management Tool

As one of the top leaders in the real estate lead generation industry, REDX has made a habit of finding common problems and presenting customizable solutions. Now, we’re excited to present our simplest solution to lead management yet: Vortex®. What is Vortex? As a cloud-based tool, Vortex combines all the best parts of lead management… Read more »

3 Reasons You Should Invest in Real Estate Lead Generation

Lead generation has revolutionized how top performing  real estate agents operate, radically changing the very nature of real estate prospecting. Lead generation is now the principal means by which agents connect with the people who ultimately become their clients. Here are the top three reasons why you should invest in lead generation. #1: You’re a new… Read more »