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3 Things Your Client Won’t Tell You: The Art of Working with Preforeclosures


As any experienced agent will tell you, working with preforeclosures can a tricky business. Your client is in a difficult financial situation and likely to be under enormous pressure, so you need to use all the tact and sensitivity you have at your disposal.  People in dire circumstances tend to be anxious to get out… Read more »

The Advantage of Preforeclosure Listings

Anyone who’s been a realtor for a few years has witnessed some fundamental changes to the way we do business. In a lot of ways, we are still working under the shadow of the Global Financial Crisis, which had major implications for the housing market. In 2006 housing prices peaked and then started declining until… Read more »

Preforeclosures: 4 Shortcuts for Closing in Record Time

Working with distressed properties has the potential to be an extremely lucrative area of specialty for any agent. There are some inherent difficulties, to be sure, and this is responsible for putting a lot of people off the idea of getting into the pre-foreclosure game in the first place. However, these complications are much easier… Read more »

3 Little Changes that Will Make a Big Difference in Your Real Estate Sales

They may say that the biggest part of success is just showing up, but in real estate, the biggest part of making sales is being the first to show up, and having all the right information. Follow these three changes to your routine and start seeing differences in your sales. Be the First to Know… Read more »

3 Things About Pre-Foreclosure Leads You May Not Have Known


It’s no secret that pre-foreclosure leads can be a great source of business for many real estate businesses.  Homes in pre-foreclosure are already in financial distress and could be late on mortgage payments. In these cases, the homeowners are often looking for a saving-grace-solution. That’s where you come in. Savvy short-sale agents love pre-foreclosure leads.  They… Read more »

Did You Know? Lead Scripts

DYK: REDX comes loaded with expired, FSBO, and pre-foreclosure call scripts? You can also customize the default scripts or create your own.  One of the best features is you can have several scripts for each “niche” you are working and label them accordingly.  Want to learn more?  Call us: (800) 731-7339 To your success!

Prospecting for Short Sales

By Cole Oberndorfer Prospecting Pre-Foreclosures Pre-foreclosures, or short sales, are dominating the real estate market today. Almost every agent in the field today has had some kind of contact or experience with a pre-foreclosure lead of some sort; whether it be to pass it off to another agent specializing in that area, or to attempt… Read more »

REDX Introduces Pre-Foreclosure Product

REDX Introduces Pre-Foreclosure Product June 14, 2011 SALT LAKE CITY – REDX announced today the release of REDX Pre-Foreclosures to new existing customers and new customers on July 1st.REDX Foreclosures are a breakthrough lead generation product that provides property owner contact information, identifies which stage of the foreclosure process the lead is in, and has… Read more »