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5 Tips for Overcoming Prospecting Fears

By Mark Leck Picking up the phone for the first time to prospect to Expireds, FSBOs, or even pre-foreclosures can be a daunting experience. If you’ve ever felt this way, you are not alone. The Pros, agents with years of prospecting under their belt, have already overcome the fears that stop so many novice prospectors… Read more »

5 Reasons You Need REDX Leads…

We are proud of our industry leading technology and service that we provide for real estate agents.  You should hear from the people who have used our service, and swear by it, and cannot do without it.  Here are five real-life realtors, each of whom demonstrates how subscribing to REDX can transform your career. #1:… Read more »

5 Social Media Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents

The real estate profession is for social media marketing opportunity. Search engine optimization (SEO) and the world of social networking can be intimidating at first, but it’s not as complicated as one may think. When utilized correctly, social media marketing can result in a significant rise in website traffic, resulting in more clients and more… Read more »

Confidence is the Result of Practice in Real Estate

By Justin Thorn If there are ten hungry Tigers going after the same Antelope, only one will get the prize, and the other nine will starve.  Real Estate Agents are a lot like those Tigers.  Not everyone can have every listing, so the trick becomes finding ways to boost your real estate business, and gain… Read more »

The Income & Production Roller Coaster

by Tyler Fenn I’m a sales guy. I have been since I sold Boy Scout popcorn when I was eight. If your real estate career  has been anything like my own sales career has been over the last 20 years, you know the phrase “It’s either Feast or Famine”. Sales professionals, especially in the real… Read more »

Who’s going to sell my house?

By: Home seller in the USA – I am NOT a real estate agent. [vsw id=”r-77ec8oCls” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”] Criteria #1: Not _______ _______ (flakey agent who represented current property we live in).  She didn’t read emails, answer phone calls, or really care.  Too bad we had to use her. Be nice and know… Read more »

Q&A w/ Deric Lipski Tomorrow @ 2pm (EST)

Reminder: If you have a question or listing objection for Deric please email it to with the subject line: Q&A Deric Lipski or you can leave in the comments. Deric Lipski is an active agent at Keller Williams in Easton, MA. An expired/FSBO listing rock star – he started in January 2011 posting live listing calls on You Tube… Read more »

REDX Sets New Industry Standard

LATEST NEWS – High Octane is released!  REDX is the #1 data provider in the US at appending homeowner information to an address.  With the release of High Octane we will be 60% better than our already-record-breaking results. REDX conducted a huge research study this year of 22 data providers including our own service, competitors,… Read more »

iTunes – Download “Mail Yourself a Raise with Expireds”

If you missed the awesome “Mail Yourself a Raise with Expired Listings” tele-seminar in August,  then go to iTunes now, put it on your iPod and listen to it the next time you are driving to a listing appointment. The August tele-seminar featured Laura Duggan, the broker and owner of West Austin Properties in Austin, Texas…. Read more »