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Most Watched Expired Listing Video

Want to be inspired with a REAL agent talking to REAL expired listings? Do a YouTube search for “expired listings”  and change the “sort by” option from “relevance” to “view count”.  You will find REDX rock star Deric Lipski’s video with 35,328 views (and counting!)  Now check out his You Tube channel: CallMrSold.  Lipski is one… Read more »

Did You Know? Lead Scripts

DYK: REDX comes loaded with expired, FSBO, and pre-foreclosure call scripts? You can also customize the default scripts or create your own.  One of the best features is you can have several scripts for each “niche” you are working and label them accordingly.  Want to learn more?  Call us: (800) 731-7339 To your success!

Real Story of a Real Agent + 8 Expired Tips

Expired Agent: Chris Cassidy Started using REDX March 2009 – 1 MLS, 2 FSBO areas Made more than $17,000 in gross commission first 12 months just from REDX expired and FSBO leads  ROI: 1800% return Year-to-date closed 5 REDX expired transactions About 30-40% of listings are REDX expireds and FSBOs at any given time He… Read more »

Prospecting for Short Sales

By Cole Oberndorfer Prospecting Pre-Foreclosures Pre-foreclosures, or short sales, are dominating the real estate market today. Almost every agent in the field today has had some kind of contact or experience with a pre-foreclosure lead of some sort; whether it be to pass it off to another agent specializing in that area, or to attempt… Read more »

When was the last time you tried something new?

by Renita Dastrup My daughter turned 16 and was so excited to get her license.  In my State, young drivers must have their “learner’s permit” for six months before they can test for their drivers license.  In the world of driving where a 4,000 pound machine is in the hands of a teenager (scary thought)… Read more »