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Striking out with your expireds prospecting?

I haven’t played baseball since Little League, I mean, really played baseball. With four sons running around the house, baseball is a springtime tradition, but the closest I get to playing these days is tossing the ball with my boys and shouting from the stands at their Little League games. my professional baseball career ended… Read more »

Gain Accountability, Increase Income: The Rocky Wright Case Study

According to Christine Comaford, Forbes Magazine contributor and author of the book Smart Tribes: How Teams Become Brilliant Together, 98% of the CEOs she works with are kept up at night by one thing: how to get and increase accountability in their business. Why? Because increasing net income, improving performance, and achieving predictable revenue can… Read more »

5 Reasons You Need REDX Leads…

We are proud of our industry leading technology and service that we provide for real estate agents.  You should hear from the people who have used our service, and swear by it, and cannot do without it.  Here are five real-life realtors, each of whom demonstrates how subscribing to REDX can transform your career. #1:… Read more »