Write cool code…
and still see your family.

Software engineers at REDX put in a focused day of work and go home to their families, hobbies, and life. Ideally, we don’t want to buy them dinner, because we think they’ll enjoy their life more eating dinner with those they love. While here, they are integral members of driven, high-performance teams of craftsmen. They are expected to master new skills, design practical and intuitive solutions that make impactful differences in our customer’s lives.

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Before working at REDX, I felt like my work didn’t make a difference, but at REDX, I feel like my code matters and my voice is heard.

Nick Harmon

Software Engineer

At REDX, we invest in creating strong team culture, vibrant creativity, and a constant drive to challenge ourselves to grow, develop new solutions, and generate amazing products.



Dev-Centric CEO

REDX’s CEO founded REDX as a developer and is still involved in the technology. He personally interacts with each team. He invests in both the tech and the people developing it.


Everyone’s contributions matter and everyone works on projects that make a difference. Your ideas and influence will be felt because, if you’re a member of the team, you matter to us.

Work-Life Balance

There is no badge of honor for working yourself to death. We don’t believe in working overtime – go on vacations, make it to your kid’s ball game, or just take time off. Take care of your work and we’ll make it easier to take care of your family.


Startup feel without the risk. Since we started 13 years ago, we’ve never taken any debt or used venture capital. This lets us focus on doing the right things instead of doing things right now.


REDX programmers don’t hammer on code. Be artistically minded with room to attack problems and develop great code. Develop with an array of styles and resources in a variety of projects.


Spend your time creatively working instead of dealing with nonsense or being micromanaged by people who don’t understand development. Work from your private office, a conference room, or even from home.

Personal Growth

Be treated like a human being in a fulfilling career where your personal growth is a priority. “Instead of getting hollow perks, you get substantial, meaningful perks like a work-life balance and a good, rich culture. If REDX were a person, it would be the nicest person in the world.” – Steve Keiser

No Politics Here

No agendas or pecking order. No drama and no red tape. Team members have direct access to each other and team leads report directly to the CEO.

Real Core Values

Core values are more than words on a wall. We hire and review to our cores values. Understanding and following these values is central to the culture.


We have several dev teams at the REDX. Here are some of the technologies they’re using:

Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHPREST
Mongo, Express, Angular.JS, Node.JSSocket.IO
JavaScript GIT
Type ScriptIonic


Highly competitive salary, 401K plans
Health Insurance
HSA, FSA, Life insurance and Vision
Paid time off, 9 paid holidays and flexible work schedule
Private Offices
Fully-stocked dev-only snack room
Choose your own tech
Attend Tech Conferences
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