What is Onyx™?

ONYX™ is REDX’s premier lead service. This upgraded dataset is a premium, private, database of cell phones, work numbers, VOIP lines and email addresses that overlay REDX’s industry leading expired and pre-foreclosure products. Potential ONYX clients will have to meet specific requirements in order to limit access to ONYX to prospecting agents who have had… Read more »

How does REDX work

REDX saves you time, by doing the busy work of finding all the contact information for expired, FSBO, and Pre-Foreclosure leads.  Visit any of the product pages to view demos and details of how the prospecting system works.

Do I get an email of my leads every morning?

REDX leads will be available anywhere and at anytime you want to log into Vortex®. There’s no waiting on us for your list. Rather than delivering them via email, REDX makes your leads available in your very own online lead manager tool, thus eliminating the need to tediously transfer names and numbers into your current… Read more »

Where do you get your information? Do you have cell numbers?

Our information comes from several national, private and proprietary databases which include more than half a billion landlines, over 200 million unique mobile numbers, and more than 20 million VOIP numbers.

Is your service compatible with MAC?

With a cloud-based interface, we can support any computer or tablet (Windows, Mac, or Android) as long as they have browser internet access.

Can’t I get expired listings from my MLS?

Yes, you can get expired listings from your MLS, but not Expired Leads. What we do is take the listing you have given us and then we do all the research of checking the tax and county records, public databases, proprietary and private consumer databases to find all the missing information that the MLS did… Read more »

What is Vortex®?

Vortex is our cloud-based REDX lead manager where your leads are delivered daily. With a minimalistic design and and an intuitive interface, Vortex is easy to access, learn, and use. We want you spending time on your leads and not on learning your lead providers system.

What is Octane?

Octane is a measurement of how many home owners you will connect with by calling a list of leads up to three times. For example, if you have 100 contacts in your phone, and you call each number three times, you may only talk to 30 people, in which case your Octane for that list is… Read more »

Is there a contract?

Nope. You prepay for the service term you want. We’re flexible. We let you decide based on your needs and commitment level to prospecting. You can prepay for one, three, six, or 12 months at a time. The best pricing is reflected in six and 12 month terms.