Why Partner With the REDX

REDX is a technology company that specializes in lead generation, homeowner and property data, and prospecting products and services for real estate professionals. We pioneered an innovative, patent pending approach to providing expired leads in 2003 with our flagship lead generation product: REDX Expireds. This resulted in REDX becoming the first nationwide expired lead service.

Since then, REDX continues to work to Clear the Path to Success for Real Estate Professionals™. In order to accomplish that purpose, we are seeking innovative, industry-leading partners who care about the success of agents, agent teams and brokers in growing their business.

We know that agents who make more than $250,000 from their real estate business prospect at least 4.6 days a week for 90-minute sessions.  These same agents use a script 81% of the time and 74% of them use at least three ways to get in touch with leads: phone, door knocking and direct mail.

Partnerships that introduce REDX to a new real estate audience, complement REDX in Core Values, or provide high-quality coaching or training are very successful.  If you are a coach, industry expert, online marketer, technology company, or association and are interested in commission based revenue for product your clients already or are likely to use then please complete the Apply Now form below.

The REDX Experience

With each interaction with REDX, we strive to give clients an unparalleled customer experience. We are invested in their long-term success and seek partners who are as well. Both our inside-sales and customer success teams are highly-trained and ambassadors of our Core Values and innovative technologies.

REDX Expireds, FSBOs, Pre-Foreclosures, Storm Dialer™ and Vortex® are available in every US market. In Canada, we offer REDX FSBOs, Storm Dialer and Vortex. Additionally, we understand that all sales don’t close online through an affiliate link. That is why our talented inside sales team will close sales and credit revenue from all converted partner generated leads. We also provide ongoing training, support and encouragement to our clients to help them succeed.

We know our success as a company is the success of our clients. REDX’s clients average more than three times as many transactions as the average real estate agent. Also, more than half of our customers earn more than $100,000 per year. In other words, REDX clients take more listings, complete more transactions, and make more money than other real estate professionals.

Give your agents the best chance of success in their prospecting by partnering with REDX.

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