Training For Real Estate Agents Who Prospect

Always Say The Right Thing To Set More Listing Appointments

Meet Your Trainers

Chad Hart REDX

He researches top prospectors and shares his findings with the REDX community to help them set more listing appointments.

Deric Lipski Top Producing Agent

Deric has been in real estate for 19 years. He prospects every day for 2-3 hours and last year he did 52 transactions, earning $275,000 in GCI. 

Why This Matters

After 60 hours of interviewing top producers and analyzing over 1000 pages of the transcripts, we’ve distilled the skills, strategies, and tactics that top producers use when prospecting. By attending this training, you will learn these methods so you always know what to say when prospecting.

What You'll Learn

  • How top producers start every prospecting call to ensure a good contact 
  • The formula they use to overcome any objection 
  • How they set appointments - even when they get rejected.  

You'll see how one of REDX's most skilled prospectors overcomes objections live with tough homeowners to get the listing appointment.

How This Can Change Your Business

You'll receive an action plan after the training, showing you how to mirror the success of our top producing prospectors - right away!