Top-performing real estate agents who use REDX agree: calling Expired Leads is one of the most effective ways to find, list, and sell properties. But with so many other agents also calling Expireds, what sets top performers apart from the rest? It all comes down to using the right script. Keep reading to see which Expired Lead scripts top agents prefer and how to use them in your business to convert leads into appointments like a pro.

10 Golden Expired Scripts

Script 1: The Classic Expireds Script – from Mike Ferry
Script 2: New Agent Speed To Success Script – from Josh Gossard
Script 3: An Expired Script for the Empathetic Approach – from Borino Real Estate Coaching
Script 4: A Short, Sweet Script For Teams – from Jeff Glover
Script 5: The Official Script Guide – from REDX
Bonus: Overcome Expired Objections Webinar
Script 6: The “Dependable Agent” Script – from Keller Williams Realty
Script 7: Expired Scripts for Five Agent Styles – from Fit Small Business
Script 8: A Script for Relationship Builders – from Ricky Carruth
Script 9: Scripts for The Perfect Voicemail – from
Script 10: The Sleuth Script For Expired Listings – from Jim Remley

Re-List and Be the Hero

If you think using a script feels forced or makes you sound unnatural, don’t worry. With enough practice, you can make any of these top 10 expired scripts your own, while positioning yourself as the homeowner’s hero.

But first, take a moment and put yourself in the shoes of an Expired Lead. You’ve already tried to sell with an agent (maybe more than once), but your home still hasn’t sold.

You’re probably discouraged, frustrated, and thinking to yourself, “My home didn’t sell… now what?!” or “Why should I trust any more real estate agents?”

Having empathy for homeowners is the first step toward positioning yourself as their hero. With this important concept in mind, you’re ready to implement these proven scripts into your prospecting sessions. They’ll help you know what questions to ask and how to navigate common objections so you can be significantly more confident on the phone.

1. The Classic Expireds Script – from Mike Ferry

Let’s start off with a classic! This script comes from one of the biggest names in real estate coaching, Mike Ferry.

His expireds script has helped slingshot thousands of agents to successful, long-term careers in real estate. You can’t go wrong with this one.

This simple, to-the-point script keeps you focused on one thing: getting qualified listing appointments. What more could you want?

And for more script training, make sure to check out this webinar on how to “Get Listings From People Who Say, ‘No!'” from the master himself.

2. New Agent Speed To Success Script – from Josh Gossard

Next, we’ve got a script from Josh Gossard (a solo agent from Maryland) who found success when he was still pretty new to real estate. But you wouldn’t think so after seeing his results.

He sold 48 homes last year (by himself), and continues to dominate his market! His expired script, along with his dedicated prospecting schedule, skyrocketed his career.

Josh is proof that the right script will help you speed through the “listing learning curve” that slows down most other agents.

Expired Listings empowered Josh to establish himself in the industry and create a steady source of business. In this podcast with Pat Hiban, he shares exactly what he says on the phone to get listing appointments. Implement his words, methods, and tips to maximize your time on the phone.

3. An Expired Script for the Empathetic Approach – from Borino Real Estate Coaching

Think about it: sellers face an emotional tug-of-war from the minute they decide to sell. Add in low-ball offers, failed inspections, or buyer financing fall throughs, and the process can start to feel like a drag through the mud. So when their listing expires and agents start calling them, you can imagine what it must be like.

Their frustrations may be justified. But how can you get through to them so they know you’re not like the rest, you’re on their side, and (of course) that you’re the best agent for the job?

With over 20 years of real estate experience, Borino is often referred to as the “Expired Guru.” With his direct, no-pressure style, he has a smooth and uncomplicated expired script that could be just right for you.

See how Borino uses this script to empathize with homeowners, set himself apart from other “hungry” agents, and get appointments over the phone in under two minutes.

4. A Short, Sweet Script For Teams – from Jeff Glover

In 2005, Jeff Glover embarked on his mission to reinvent real estate sales training. Since then, Jeff and his team have developed a prospecting system that produces over 1,000 home sales a year.

A sizable chunk of their sales come from expired listings, and this expired script is what they use to get appointments (with Jeff himself using it to take over 100 listings each year!)

This script will help you discover homeowner objections in advance. The theory goes – if you can predict objections, you can prevent rejection.

According to Jeff, “The sale is won or lost depending on how well you handle their objections.” So check out his objection handlers script as well! Paired with his proven expired script, Jeff’s objection handlers will help you find real (and consistent) results.

5. The Official Script Guide – from REDX

After extensive research, REDX has stitched together some of the most powerful prospecting scripts (not already mentioned in this article) into this 34-page eBook. So no matter your skill level, there’s something in this script book for you.

It starts with a simple script focused on how to begin your calls, followed by language proven to increase your connection rate by as much as 25%. Then, on page seven, you’ll find an expired script crafted from dozens of suggestions from top listing agents. This script picks up where others fall short.

Don’t forget to check out pages 19-25 for an even deeper dive into overcoming common objections, along with five vital elements to help you understand why these scripts work and how to adapt them to your own call style.

Bonus: Overcome Expired Objections Webinar

Watch this training to discover how top prospectors start every prospecting call to ensure a good contact, the formula they use to overcome any objection, and how they set appointments even after being rejected. Watch and learn as expert prospector Deric Lipski sets a listing appointment on a live call – even after being rejected five times!

6. The “Dependable Agent” Script – from Keller Williams Realty

One of the biggest real estate franchises in the United States, Keller Williams, offers these scripts to their agents.

You can decide for yourself, but these scripts might be one of the reasons KW consistently ranks at the top of the industry for sales volume and units sold. If you did the research, you’d find thousands of success stories based on these expired scripts.

Beyond expireds, they’ve got scripts for voicemails, overcoming objections, general prospecting tips and tricks, qualifying scripts, and much more.

These scripts will help you position yourself as the dependable, knowledgeable, trustworthy, and results-oriented professional they need, even if they’re angry and frustrated.

7. Expired Scripts for Five Agent Styles – from Fit Small Business

This next set of scripts comes from Fit Small Business, and they’re not messing around.

After deep market research, they’ve found five expired listing scripts that really work. The article shows you how to get listing appointments quickly, provides modular elements you can use to create your own scripts, and includes tips on how to get your foot in the door.

Best of all, these scripts offer five unique prospecting styles: the casual approach, the empathetic expert, the harder sell, the neighborhood expert, and the outstanding agent.

With so many options, you’re bound to find one that perfectly fits your style and situation.

8. A Script for Relationship Builders – from Ricky Carruth

Expert prospector, Ricky Carruth, has built an incredibly successful business based on this core value: create strong relationships and serve others.

He believes building relationships with people is more important than the transaction, which in turn brings in a lot of listings.

In this video, Ricky talks about how important it is to say exactly the right thing. More importantly, he tells you how to say it.

He believes how you say something to a potential client will go a lot further than exactly what you say. He dives into his favorite (simple) script that he’s perfected over years of trial and error. According to Ricky, this script works for any lead type or prospect.

9. Scripts for The Perfect Voicemail – from

Next up, here’s a little bit of everything., created by Brian Icenhower, is loaded with principles and tactics to attract hundreds of agents simply because they produce actual results.

His expired listing scripts include what to say when homeowners answer, but also how to leave the perfect voicemail so people will actually call you back (which is key if you want more listings).

On this page, you’ll also find a video of Brian with three other agents, all talking out their favorite scripts, techniques, and what works best for them on a prospecting call. Don’t miss out on their expert advice!

10. The Sleuth Script For Expired Listings – from Jim Remley

Within two years of obtaining his real estate license, Jim Remley was listed in the top one percent of Realtors® nationwide. And you don’t become a top prospector that fast with poor scripts.

In his expired script, Jim offers a different approach. His strategy focuses on timing key questions to uncover the real reasons a property failed to sell. This way, homeowners discover for themselves exactly what could have been done to sell their home, but wasn’t.

That’s where you come in. With questions like, “Was a sign used to advertise your home?” and, “Was a home protection plan offered?” Jim’s marketing plan is a no-brainer if you want to position yourself as the homeowner’s hero.

The Opportunity In Front Of You

Now what? You’ve got the scripts – so what are you going to do with them? These scripts will help lead you to a more successful and sustainable business. But it won’t happen overnight OR by simply reading over them.

If you want these scripts to do anything for your business, you’ve got to start practicing now. As you do, they’ll naturally become yours as you integrate your own style and tone. Leave those “Uhhh”s behind you and control each conversation with confidence and charisma!

As author Brodi Ashton puts it, “Heroes are made by the paths they choose, not the powers they are graced with.” In other words – heroes are made, not born.

So what are you waiting for? Choose to be the Expired Listings hero that sellers need, and practice your expired scripts today.

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