You have two resources available that will help you grow your business: time and money.

When you understand how best to use your time and money, you’ll know how to make both work for you so that you get a higher return from your investments.

How $250k Agents Invest

In a survey of the highest earning agents in the country, we discovered an interesting pattern about how they use time and money as investments and get high-yield returns.  Agents who earn $250k  consistently invest money early in the process. They spend money on leads and technology. Then they invest time on conversations, appointments, listing presentations, and the close.

High Performance Investments – Time & Money

Investing time and money can be compared to using a gym.  If you pay for a membership and go to the gym every day you will notice a difference in your performance while using good equipment than while using bad equipment.  If you only go to the gym once a week and never really get serious about being healthy you probably won’t notice a difference between the quality of equipment.

Likewise, if you are serious about developing your real estate business then you need to invest money and time in the best leads.  Check out the pictures below to see the difference that REDX leads can make.

The average industry lead service (as seen on the left) will connect you with 18% of the leads if you call them three times. Making the same amount of calls, REDX (as seen on the right) will connect you with 26% of the leads.

Take a few minutes and look at the difference in results.  Now tell me, are you the average agent or are you one of the best?  If you are content staying average then go with the other guy’s leads.  If you want to swing for the fences and earn like the pros then there is only one way for you to go – with REDX.