Smart real estate agents understand that building and broadcasting trust is how you win listings and close sales. Door knocking is arguably the fastest and lowest cost path to building trust and finding listings. Because there isn’t “one way” to be successful at door knocking, this article offers you 29 ways to earn trust with homeowners, build confidence in your approach, and establish a continuous pipeline of sales regardless of how long you’ve been a real estate agent.

29 Door Knocking Resources For Successful Lead Generation

1. How To Start The Conversation – Bryan Cassella
2. Preparing To Knock The Right Doors –
3. Door Knocking: It’s Not So Scary –
4. Door Knocking FAQs – Loida Velasquez
5. Door to Door Real Estate Prospecting – Linda Schneider
6. Kick-Start Your Career With Knocking – Carl Battiste
7. Best Tips & Strategies – Emile L’Eplattenier
8. Door-Knocking Script – Michael Choi
9. Is Door Knocking Still Viable? – Steven Trice & Dylan Hale
10. The Simple Art of Door Knocking –
11. Desperate Times – Mark Leck
12. Guide To Real Estate Door Knocking – Tim Grant
13. New Realtor Crushes Door Knocking – Joshua Smith
14. The Ultimate Guide To Farming – Brian Icenhower
15. Door Knocking What To Say – Greg McDaniel
16. The 10-10-20 Concept – Keeping Current Matters
17. Claim the Top Spot In Your Market – Keller Williams
18. How To Make Door Knocking Work – Dawn Reiss
19. Become A Listing Agent – Linda Schneider
20. Best Door-Knocking Flyer Tips – Rachel Adams Lee
21. What Should Agents Bring When Knocking? – PJ Ortiz Luis
22. Rock Your Profit With Door Knocking – Ashley Shaffer
23. Knocking Scripts & Techniques –
24. 9 Ways To Generate Leads With Door-Knocking – HubSpot
25. Door Knocking For Real Estate Agents – Agents From Within
26. $2,000,000 In Sales From One Knocked Door – Robin Mann
27. Prospecting Scripts – Complete Property Training
28. Door Knocking Script – Borino Real Estate Coaching
29. Door Knocking Script And Goals – Master Mind Agent

1. Door Knocking Guide: How To Start The Conversation – Bryan Cassella

Best for: Agents who want to avoid sounding robotic or salesy and learn better conversational skills.

In this video, Bryan, an expert door knocker based out of Southern California, walks you through the linguistics of door knocking to avoid sounding cold and robotic, including how to attract homeowners to your tone and enthusiasm right away, what not to say in front of a seller (and what to say instead,) and how to avoid being attacked by owners for “the fact you’re a salesman” by using the warm familiar phrases Bryan uses to connect with them.

A few curse words aside, this episode shows you the best time to door knock, how to deal with disinterested homeowners, what words to avoid when face-to-face with prospects, and most importantly, the script Bryan commonly uses.

“Immediately, you have to make sure that before you even knock on the door, you have to internally make sure your vibe is good… You have to speak in a way that is conversational and familiar to them.”
– Bryan Casella

2. Preparing To Knock On The Right Doors –

Best For: Agents who don’t know what to say for their door approach.

Neighborhood farming (aka circle prospecting) is a popular strategy to fill your pipeline at a relatively low cost. There are huge advantages to meeting people face-to-face, directly on their doorstep. Compared to phone calls, homeowners often lower their guard in a way that leads to more natural, productive conversations.

REDX’s Geoleads product helps you know exactly who you’ll be talking to before you knock. GeoLeads provides phone numbers, names, and addresses for a large number of properties in any given neighborhood in a matter of seconds. Addressing someone by name and knowing information about their property before you begin prospecting gives the homeowner a sense of familiarity. This sense of familiarity is imperative during the early moments of a door contact because it may decide whether or not they should trust you with their biggest financial asset. 

Whether you have an address or a general area you want to prospect, GeoLeads allows you to personalize your search so the results are optimized for your business.


3. Door Knocking: It’s Not So Scary –

Best for: Agents who need assistance creating their own step-by-step plan.

RichAgent’s article helps you create your own door-to-door plan by knowing your personal “why” — a reason for being on someone’s front porch, whether it’s to offer a market update or advertise an upcoming open house. You’ll be eased through every step of the process, starting with crafting your “why”, followed by the most important items to bring with you. Then, you’ll learn how to make a great flyer, what to wear, when to go, and finally, what goals to set.

You should not step foot in a neighborhood without first defining your purpose for being there. This will set the tone for the rest of your plan.

4. Door Knocking for Leads: Real Estate FAQs – Loida Velasquez 

Best for: Agents who are debating door knocking mornings, weekends, or higher price range neighborhoods ($500,000+).

Loida (Bryan Cassella’s door knocking partner) answers the three most common questions she receives from the real estate community on door knocking. She reveals why mornings really are the best time to door knock (no matter what other agents say), whether weekend contact rates are actually as good as people claim, and how to get over your fear of prospecting higher-income neighborhoods.

“You’ll always hear people tell you, ‘Oh, people aren’t home during the week, between eight and twelve in the morning, so you’re not going to get anyone. You shouldn’t door knock.’ That’s completely false.”
– Loida Velasquez

5. Door to Door Real Estate Prospecting – Linda Schneider

Best for: Agents who aren’t convinced door knocking can turn into massive sales.

Don’t worry about putting yourself through the trial and error of door knocking — Linda Schneider and her team have already done it for you. Door-to-Door Real Estate Prospecting reveals the lessons they’ve learned on how many doors to knock, what to hand out while knocking, when to expect your first listing, and even answers questions about the legality of door knocking.

“Many agents who, like you, are on the fence about door knocking or considering door knocking for the first time. You want door knocking to work so you can generate listings. But you’re not sure about it. Does it really work? What should you say? What do the experts do? You have a lot of questions, you want assurances, and you want it to be easy. Well, door knocking is easy and it does work, as you’ll discover from the stories and interviews in this book.”
– Linda Schneider

6. Kick-Start Your Real Estate Career With Door Knocking – Carl Battiste

Best For: New agents with a limited budget.

Keller Williams associate Carl Battiste knocked on over 9,000 doors in less than 18 months, taking the #1 market share from three boutique REALTORS®. The article shares the top tips Carl learned as a door knocking newbie and how to make yourself a valuable asset to the community, skipping years of difficult SOI (Sphere of Influence) building by door knocking.

“While always being mindful of your valuable time, never neglect the impact of getting to know your community. Battiste, who started in his market center as a newcomer to the state, points out that being in direct contact with homeowners can teach you a lot if you take the time to talk – and to listen.”
– Keller Williams Blog

7. Door Knocking: Best Tips & Strategies – Emile L’Eplattenier

Best for: Agents who crave insight on door knocking from top producers.

Emile’s article covers the 19 best tips and ideas directly from the mouth of door knocking experts who’ve made millions from their techniques. Need advice on creating a killer script? Dressing for success? What marketing materials you should keep on you at all the times? This article covers a variety of valuable advice from agents who know what they’re talking about.

“Remember that if you do your job right you will always end up with a win/win result. Think about it. You want to close a deal and get a commission check, and your client wants their home sold for a great price with minimum hassles. That’s not an adversarial relationship. Everyone is happy.”
Emile L’Eplattenier

8. Door Knocking Script – Michael Choi

Best for: Agents who want to feel more comfortable prospecting.

Michael Choi, cofounder of the iSell Group and long-time agent, believes the key to door knocking is how you conduct your on-porch conversation with sellers. Michael leads you through his script and how it works, and shares important advice you probably didn’t think about: Where should you stand on the porch, how far from the seller you should you be, and how to make a cautious seller open the door the whole way (not just a crack).

“The more people that trust you, the more relationships you have, the more listings you have. The more listings you have, the more sales you have.”
– Michael Choi

9. Is Door Knocking Still Viable for Generating Seller Leads? – Steven Trice & Dylan Hale

Best for: Agents who want a less aggressive, but equally-effective approach

Steve and Dylan instruct you on how to have a better conversation with a homeowner by avoiding the usual: “Are you interested in selling now?” or “Here’s what I can do for you!” Their step-by-step door knocking process illuminates multiple ways to “melt away the typical reactions (and thoughts) homeowners have about real estate agents” using a series of disarming questions that are easy to ask and show off your potential as an agent without coming off as obnoxious or brash.

Here it is in basic terms: You take an opportunity, such as an open house, to talk to neighbors and gauge interest in selling. You don’t do it by making a cold pitch of your services or value. Instead, you show your potential.
– Steven Trice

10. The Surprisingly Simple Art of Door Knocking –

Best for: Agents who want an effective, low-cost branding strategy.

In this short article by the marketing automation company SmartZip, they offer door knocking as a highly effective, low-tech approach to generating listings. The article presents the statistical advantage of face-to-face interactions, the power of a first impression, and a great script to use on the first and second visit.

Actually looking into the eyes of the homeowners, having a real conversation, takes you off the mail piece, digital ad, park-bench and into their lives. You are real now. You have left a real impression.

11. Desperate Times – Mark Leck

Best for: Agents facing difficult market conditions or financial troubles.

Mark Leck, the CEO of REDX, has been in the business long enough to have seen it all. In his article “Desperate Times” his advice to agents facing financial challenges is to start prospecting door-to-door. Mark explains his top 6 tips on door knocking like, how to use body language to your advantage, slowing down your talking pace, and the one simple thing many agents forget to do when knocking doors.

Remember, if your business needs a jolt, it’s time to be bold.
– Mark Leck

12. The Agent’s Guide To Real Estate Door Knocking – Tim Grant

Best For: Agents who are ready to read an ultimate guide to door knocking.

It’s time to go pro! Tim Grant, the marketing coordinator at Global Real Estate License, lays it all out on the table in this article. Whether you’re curious about what to wear when knocking doors, or you have a fear of rejection, this guide has all the steps you’ll need so you don’t get surprised at the door.

You are NOT a common salesperson going door to door. You are building relationships within your community, you are welcoming new people who just moved into the neighborhood, you are inviting people to open houses, and there is no better way to gain a person’s trust and business than through face-to-face networking.
-Tim Grant

13. GSD Mode: New Realtor Crushes It With Instagram And Door Knocking – Joshua Smith

Best For: Agents who need heavy-hitting inspiration to take their business to the next level.

This Joshua Smith podcast features Mike Sherrard who, on his first day of door knocking in weather five degrees below zero, got a listing for $700,000. Because he’s willing to do what a lot of others won’t: he sets himself apart in any and every way he can. In this podcast, he goes through his door-knocking strategy, the exact words he uses on the doorstep, and how having a purple car pushes him past the competition.

Don’t be afraid to reach out. We’re all chasing a dream. We’re all chasing financial freedom. If you put yourself out there it will help you grow and get you to where you want to be.
-Mike Sherrard

14. Farm: The Real Estate Agent’s Ultimate Guide To Farming Neighborhoods – Brian Icenhower

Best for: Agents who are looking to become the best in their local community. 

This book comes to you from Brian Icenhower, a real estate executive, speaker, coach, and owner of the world’s leading production training website for real estate agents, It contains all the methods and strategies to successfully farm neighborhoods and become the community’s real estate expert everyone will turn to. With scripts to teach you exactly what to say, and the tools to make it happen, Icenhower will help you build your farming business from the ground up.

 Success in farming is a matter of patience. If you have patience, farming will lead to a steady and reliable flow of business. Sellers will come to you, seeking you out as the agent they wish to list their homes with. You just have to be patient.
– Brian Icenhower

15. Real Estate Agent Training: Door Knocking What To Say – Greg McDaniel

Best for: Agents who really want to know what happens on the front step.

This video comes from Greg McDaniel, who you might know him from the popular podcast, Real Estate Uncensored. He’s been hustling since 2000, so he’s got a few things to say when it comes to door knocking. Watch this video of Greg laying out what to do and say on the doorstep, and see how easy it is to get leads.

That’s what happens when you work your marketplace consistently and persistently. You get people that are going to recognize your name just because you’ve been in the area.
– Greg McDaniel

16. The Ultimate Door-Knocking Strategy: The 10-10-20 Concept – Keeping Current Matters

Best for: Agents who need a solid door-knocking strategy.

Keeping Current Matters has the rock-solid strategy you’ve been looking for, with the best script to turn your knocks into cash. See how simply asking, “Do you know anyone looking to move into the area?” can start a trust-building conversation with a homeowner, which in turn can lead to more listings. This concept is simple, but it will build potential clients’ confidence in you to get the job done.

By doing the 10-10-20 on each aspect of your listing, when those listings on that block come up for sale, they’ll have your sign on it and not someone else’s.
– Keeping Current Matters

17. Want To Claim the Top Spot In Your Market?… Just Knock – Keller Williams

Best for: Agents who want to be on top and dominate their market.

Here are some ideas you probably haven’t thought of before… This article comes from Stacey Sauls and The Sauls Group, who closed $40 million in sales last year. Their strategy is clear, direct, and gets the job done. See how this team incorporates all available agents to dominate their market, while adding a little fun here and there to keep the motivation alive and the listings pouring in.  

Anything is possible and I can build a big life for myself and others. I am passionate about changing people’s world.
– Stacey Sauls

18. How To Make Door Knocking Work – Dawn Reiss

Best for: Agents who are worried about No Soliciting signs.

If you think door knocking is too “old-school”, or if you’re scared of No Soliciting signs, this article is for you. These door knocking experts are NOT afraid to be brutally honest about what it takes to be successful. With solutions to some of the scariest door-knocking scenarios, along with four ways to make the most of each moment on the front steps, you’ll be able to push past your skepticism and knock doors like a pro.

You’re not going to get out there once and get 10 listings; you have to set the relationship and perception that you are knowledgeable and know what you are doing to rise above the competition.
– Susan Nielsen

19. Doors To Wealth: How To Become A Listing Agent Through Door-Knocking – Linda Schneider

Best for: Any agent who wants the simplest plan to making the most money.

In this seven page eBook, Linda Schneider covers it all – from six crazy-simple (yet effective) scripts, to how to overcome rejection, and even how to handle the follow up. She also recounts her own stories of getting into door knocking and how she set a listing with someone in jail. Even with all the innovation in online marketing, door knocking is still her core strategy because she knows she can always make it work.

One of the critical keys to using any script and doing any selling is CERTAINTY. The more you sound like you are absolutely sure of what you’re saying, the more they’ll simply follow along.
– Linda Schneider

20. Best Door Knocking Flyer Tips – Rachel Adams Lee

Best For: Real estate agent looking how to door knocking and flyers.

Rachel Adams Lee is not messing around. She closed 39 units in her first year of real estate, 109 her second year, and 123 during her third. Door knocking kick-started her career, and she knows first-hand what it can do for an agent’s business if they just get out there. In this video, Rachel shares some of the best tips (including door-knocking flyers) she’s found during her years pounding the pavement. They will take your business (and your wallet) to the next level.

A key piece to door knocking when you build rapport with someone is you want to make sure you are using your ears more than you mouth. You want to listen more than you speak.
Rachel Adams Lee

21. What Should Real Estate Agents Bring When Door Knocking? – PJ Ortiz Luis

Best For: Agents new to door knocking who don’t know what to bring.

How are homeowners going to remember you when they’re ready to sell their home 2-3 years down the road? If you’re not leaving memorable business cards, postcards, flyers, or other marketing materials, you’ll be forgotten. In this article, you’ll discover what’s important to bring with you and why these materials are effective in your door-knocking marketing strategy.

Even this millennial real estate writer will agree that in-person conversations can do more to build meaningful relationships than responding to online comments.
-PJ Ortiz Luis

22. Rock Your Profit With Door Knocking – Ashley Shaffer

Best For: Agents who don’t have a solid sphere of influence or are moving to a new area.

Every new agent faces the same challenge: zero clients. Even after working her entire sphere of influence, Ashley Shaffer had very little work. So she decided to make an ambitious move when she said, “I didn’t have a sphere, so I decided to create one.” In an article with Keller Williams Realty, she recounts how she started with nothing, turned to door knocking, and built herself a successful and sustainable business. Stopping at nothing to achieve her goals (even door knocking at nine months pregnant), her story will inspire you to get out and take control of your business.

Door-knocking jump-started my business, has given me a skill to pass on to new and experienced agents, has allowed my husband to stay at home with our children for a year and a half, and has helped me move past my ego space. I constantly go back to ‘This is what built you in the first place.’
-Ashley Shaffer

23. Door Knocking Scripts & Techniques For Realtors –

Best For: Agents who don’t believe in door knocking.

If you believe your door-knocking experiences will be negative, guess what? They will be. In this article, Brian Icenhower sits down with door-knocking pro, Scott Parman, and talks about the importance of perspective and how to stay positive through your prospecting. And a bonus! They included door-knocking scripts to help you master your conversations and get the listing appointment.

Many agents avoid this type of prospecting for fear of being viewed as an unwanted door-to-door salesman. However, agents that excel in this practice understand they must shift their perspective and be of service to the person behind every door on which they knock.
-Brian Icenhower

24. 9 Ways To Generate Real Estate Leads With A Door-Knocking Strategy – HubSpot

Best For: Agents looking for valuable ways to “show up” at someone’s door.

You aren’t a Girl Scout selling cookies, which means prospects might be a little less excited to see you. It’s important to know what to say and how to say it to get your foot in the door. Otherwise, you’ll lose the homeowner’s attention fast and find yourself kissing the lead goodbye. In this article, Sophia Bernazzani shares nine must-know tips to knock in the listing appointment, with three other scripts you can use to nearly guarantee a positive experience on every door step.

If you want a complete stranger to listen to you while you’re standing in their doorway, you need to get to the point quickly, and you need to make sure you’re offering something that’s helpful and valuable to them.
-Sophia Bernazzani

25. Door Knocking For Real Estate Agents – Agents From Within

Best For: Agents who want to establish themselves in specific neighborhoods.

Door knocking is a substantial time investment. But when done right, it will generate a lot of business! However, some agents just don’t know how to “do it right” and needlessly waste time before giving up. In this video, you’ll get a realistic expectation of how much work it takes to pull off a successful door-knocking strategy that establishes you as the neighborhood expert.

Constantly keep in touch with this neighborhood. Eventually, you will be a great name in the neighborhood. You’ll be “the guy” to go to.
-Ben Oosterveld

26. $2,000,000 In Real Estate Sales From One Knocked Door – Robin Mann

Best For: Agents who think door knocking is a waste of time.

Whether you think you’ll encounter rude homeowners, or you just don’t believe door knocking is for you, check out this podcast with Robin Mann. Robin generated $2,000,000 in sales from one door-knocking lead. Ever since, she’s made door knocking a big part of her business. Through her note-taking tricks, positive mindset, and desire to hit 20 contacts a day, she shares how she became successful and how door knocking got her there.

I never try to be salesy. I try to be real. A big part of that is knowing what’s important to them. You need to know what’s going on in the neighborhood so you can give them more information on it.
-Robin Mann

27. Prospecting Scripts – Complete Property Training

Best For: Australian agents who want to know exactly what to say at the door.

Where do you start the conversation when a lead opens the door? If you have a script memorized and practiced, you’ll be able to navigate common objections and be far more confident at the doorstep. Complete Property Training has put together these scripts for Australian agents. They have scripts to show you exactly what to say when someone isn’t selling, if you have an open house, when they say “maybe,” and more!

There is no sense in spending time and money building a database if you don’t keep in touch with the people. Email and direct mail are great ways to stay in touch however if you don’t regularly talk to people on your database everything else is a waste of time!
-Complete Property Training

28. Door Knocking Script For Real Estate Agents: Lead Generation Prospecting – Borino Real Estate Coaching

Best For: Agents intimidated by face-to-face objections.

Overcoming objections in front of a homeowner is probably more intimidating than doing it over the phone. But as you know, the bigger the risk – the bigger the reward. So what if it were possible to gain unshakeable confidence, in person, everytime you knocked? Borino, from Borino Real Estate Coaching, makes this a reality for you in this video. Watch him not even blink when he gets an objection.

Here is an easy prospecting script for real estate agents who want to generate more qualified leads, motivated sellers, and saleable listings.

29. Door Knocking Script And Goals – Master Mind Agent

Best For: Agents who need a step-by-step “handhold” in one document.

Someone who says they aren’t looking to buy or sell shouldn’t feel like an eviction notice from the porch. It’s just the beginning of qualifying them as a lead (or referring a neighbor who might be selling). This script, from Master Mind Agent, is chock-full of questions you can ask to find any way possible to help the homeowner OR their surrounding neighbors. Get a “yes” where other agents would stop at the first “no.”

I appreciate you taking the time to speak with me. Tell me… 1) When do you plan on moving? 2) How long have you lived at this address? 3) Where did you move from? Oh that’s great! Did you like it there? 4) How did you happen to pick this area? 5) If you were to move, where would you go next? 6) And when would that be?
-Master Mind Agent


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