They may say that the biggest part of success is just showing up, but in real estate, the biggest part of making sales is being the first to show up, and having all the right information. Follow these three changes to your routine and start seeing differences in your sales.
Be the First to Know about Pre-Foreclosures
Short-Sales and Foreclosures aren’t going away anytime soon. Even with the precautions that banks are taking, they just keep popping up and you could be the first to know about it. The REDX pre-foreclosure product will draw from specific sources such as county records to compile Notice of Default (NOD), Lis Pendens, and Notice of Sale (NOS) properties and get you on the up and up faster than your competitors. Imagine receiving automatic notifications about these properties instead of researching yourself. The extra time you’ll save will leave you with invaluable time contacting property owners and listing them.
Be Ready to Pounce on FSBO Properties
With the vast majority of For Sale By Owner properties eventually turning to an agent for help to sell, knowing when the tides turn can get you there first. REDX For Sale By Owner Listing Leads does the work for you by scanning websites and databases to update you on all the new FSBO listings nationwide. However it doesn’t just put those in front of you, it also updates you on when the owners decide to scrap the idea of selling the property themselves, so you can contact them quickly about putting it into your capable hands.
Have Your Expired Leads Updated Daily
Instead of dreading having to spend time researching to update your expired leads, let technology do the job for you. Not only does REDX Expireds cross-check the MLS to determine if it has been sold or relisted, but it also provides the information that may be missing such as contact information, including phone numbers that may be in the National Do Not Call Registry. Once you have all the information, REDX Expireds will also organize all the data for you, and allow you to add notes, appointment reminders and route planning to get you prepared fast.
Keep Your Leads Organized & Searchable
Not having to remember key information about leads is critical. What homeowner mentioned they were getting a divorce, moving to Texas or accepting a new government job? Having your leads in one place with advanced search features so you don’t have to remember anything just type in the key words and you can find the lead. REDX Vortex has several advanced features to keep you organized.
In addition to advanced search, it also features the “Lead Progress Ribbon” where you can know at-a-glance what leads you have actioned and what needs to be done. Delegation to assistants is easy with simple tags. It is not enough to have leads – it is the lead follow-up that most agents lose the big money on their lead investment.
Whether you’re a real estate SuperStar, a rookie, or needing to revamp workflow, following these three changes will prepare, update, and alert you so you can get in front of more potential properties first and start seeing more sales.