Lead generation has revolutionized how top performing  real estate agents operate, radically changing the very nature of real estate prospecting.
Lead generation is now the principal means by which agents connect with the people who ultimately become their clients.
Here are the top three reasons why you should invest in lead generation.

#1: You’re a new agent and need leads to fill your pipeline

As a new agent you will first want to prospect to your sphere of influence, including friends and family. However, after that what comes next? This is where you start prospecting to homeowners who have identified that they have some motivation to sell.  Is your coach or broker urging you to get REDX to grow your business?  If not then they should be!  You’ve already invested significant amounts of time and money to launch your real estate career.  You might as well do it right the first time.  Being a top earner in the industry means putting the effort in to grow your business.  If you utilize lead generation tools from the very beginning you will set yourself up for great success.

#2: REDX leads can save your struggling business

When one of our clients, Sylvia Albers, came over to REDX she told us that she “went from zero listings in two years to eight listings in two months.”  If you are still prospecting for listings the old fashioned way, like Sylvia was before switching to REDX, it is no wonder you are having trouble! Without lead generation technology at your disposal, other agents are beating you to the punch with potential clients. To stop losing money, you need to invest in high quality lead generation tools.

#3: Your competition is getting more intense – you need to “up your game”

Regardless of how successful you are – your competitors (especially those making more than $250,000/year) are getting better.  Most top producing agents use REDX or a lead generation service like REDX to stay ahead of the pack.  Your competitors are purchasing leads and using a dialer to get through them faster than you are able to even gather them all on your own.  Will you take the left-overs after the aggressive agents get most of the listings or will you prospect like the pros and list more homes than you’ve ever listed before?
REDX sets the industry standard in seller lead generation with our expired, FSBO, pre-foreclosure and For Rent By Owner lead generation tools.  If you aren’t already subscribed to all of our lead types you are leaving tons of money on the table.  Visit our website today to learn more about how our leads will empower you to build your business.