According to Christine Comaford, Forbes Magazine contributor and author of the book Smart Tribes: How Teams Become Brilliant Together, 98% of the CEOs she works with are kept up at night by one thing: how to get and increase accountability in their business.
Why? Because increasing net income, improving performance, and achieving predictable revenue can all be attributed to raising the level of accountability in the sales process.
Realtor Rocky Wright knows this. He has developed a unique system of accountability that requires him to look no further than his own family for results.

Every day, when Rocky picks his kids up from school, the first thing they ask is, “Dad, did you make an appointment today? Did you sign a contract?” What makes Rocky’s children so interested in his sales performance?
In order to infuse some accountability into his goals, Rocky made a deal with his kids. Each time he makes an appointment, they all go out to dinner. And for every contract he signs, they go out to dinner and a movie.
Now, every day when he picks them up from school, Rocky has to look his children in the eye and report on what he has done to reach his targets. That is some powerful accountability.
While not every realtor can use this particular technique, they can find ways to improve performance through accountability. Rocky’s story provides a great model for how to do so.

Develop a clearly defined sales accountability plan

This plan should first define what success looks like to you. Do you want to make $250,000 this year? Remodel your kitchen? Take your family on a cruise? What will make a dramatic difference in your business and your life?

Determine specific actions you can take to reach your goal

Figure out what it will take to make that goal a reality. How many appointments do you need to make each week? How much time spent prospecting leads? Then work backward until you figure out the specifics of what you need to do every day.

Report to someone who’s interested in your success

Once you have established the actions and behaviors that will lead to your goal, find someone to report to. Like Rocky, make sure this person has a stake in your success. Set up a regular reporting schedule that requires you to provide numbers and data. Making the process consistent and concrete will generate tremendous results.

Reward yourself when you meet your goals

Rocky was able to stay motivated because there was a tangible reward waiting for him (and his family) if he met his weekly goals. Perhaps dinner and movie doesn’t motivate you, but how about a fishing trip or a massage? Find something that works for you personally so that it drives you to meet your goals each day or each week.
Rocky Wright is a great example of how one realtor used accountability to produce results in his business. This powerful and proven tool can help anyone improve performance, increase sales, and raise their business to the next level.