Are you maximizing your opportunities as a real estate agent, or are you just treading the easy, safe, traditional path of lead prospecting that everyone else uses? On the road to real estate success, prospecting as many lead types as possible is an important way to expand your horizons.

 The Prospecting Difference

On average, highly successful agents (those making $250K per year or more) prospect 4.5 different lead types, while lower earners (those making $70K per year or more) only pursue 3 types of leads. There are a number of reasons for the difference in income between these two groups; one of these is the number and types of leads they are prospecting on a regular basis.

 Lead Types

There are a wide variety of different types of real estate leads leads and different ways to pursue them. The most common five lead types that $250K earners pursue are:

  1. Referrals. This is where your reputation and sphere of influence come in handy. Utilize your network of satisfied clients and other agents who you know and respect. Ask them if they have a friend or client who has a real estate challenge that you can help with. People will send you referrals if you are friendly, easy to contact, and reliable.
  1. For Sale by Owner. Scour the newspaper classifieds and other free Real Estate publications in your area. Contact owners who have homes that have been listed for quite a while. They are most likely becoming frustrated with their lack of results and may welcome your services.
  1. Online buyer leads. Make sure to follow up quickly with any leads that come through your website or other real estate websites that list homes in your area. These types of customers are looking for quick results and will go to a number of different sources to get them.
  1. Expired Listings. Homeowners who have let their listing run out without re-signing with their agent may very well be open to signing with someone new. Make sure you have up to date and accurate contact information for these leads to save yourself time and hassle.
  1. Farming/geographic areas. Don’t overlook more rural listings. While these serve a narrower customer demographic, they can nevertheless lead to lucrative revenue and future leads. Additionally, expand your search horizons by looking for leads in nearby cities. Sometimes a twenty minute drive out of town can yield tremendous results.

More Lines in the Water

There is an old fishing proverb that says, “More lines in the water means that you catch more fish.”
This is true in the real estate industry as well. Don’t let overlooked opportunities get in the way of your success. For more information on how to quickly and easily generate fantastic, accurate leads for your business, visit the RedX website today.