For sale by owner leads are one of the toughest leads to prospect and acquire. However, they can also be the most rewarding sales that you can make as an agent. Unlike expireds or short sale leads, for sale by owner leads require a particular set of skills in order to be successful. The most important is the ability to empathize with your client’s situation.

Generally, with for sale by owner leads, the owners have already tried to sell their property, if not multiple times before. And often times these owners are so desperate that they attempt to sell these houses themselves. Most of the time, this desperation will lessen their expectations, potentially losing money on their property.

With REDX, you will have all of the tools necessary to satisfy your clients. While it takes an immense amount of care, planning and intuition, REDX’s prospecting platform will give you everything you need to successfully prospect, land and sell a for sale by owner lead.

Will REDX show me where to find FSBO leads?

Yes, REDX’s Vortex platform will give you all of the information necessary to find your FSBO leads. Vortex begins by using a specific algorithm to mine through terabytes worth of raw data. From this raw data, REDX fills in any missing information, giving you a complete and accurate listing. The listing and all of its information is then compiled and made readily available for your specific area.

REDX will separate listings based on their status, making it easier to discern between a FSBO or expired lead. For FSBO’s it is crucial that you have all of the information readily available to you. With REDX, you have the ability to organize and customize each property listing with specific notes or script. Instead of cold calling or scouring your area for properties, REDX allows you to locate and organize your leads from the comfort of your office or home.

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Unlike other prospecting platforms and services, REDX wants you to make money on your sales. With the Vortex platform, not only will you save time and energy for your client, but also save money by eliminating typical prospecting costs like gas. Starting at $29.99 a month you can have full access to Vortex’s list of for sale by owner leads. These lists are updated daily and available at all times. Go to to learn more about for sale by owner leads and why REDX will give you the edge on closing them. Sign up today!