When you decide to prospect on an expired lead, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. Unlike FSBO’s or pre-foreclosures, expireds are the most lucrative property for an agent. Generally with expireds, the client will want to sell their property as quickly as possible in order to avoid taking it off the market or attempting to sell it themselves. Time is of the essence when it comes to prospecting expireds. With REDX’s Vortex Prospecting System, we will show you how to sell expireds the only way we know; the right way.

Are you Organized?

When you begin prospecting an expired, it is imperative that you have all of the necessary information to move forward. How long has it been off the market? Is all of the information including original listing price, address and owners number available? If you don’t have all of this information, you may find yourself in an embarrassing situation that could cost you the sale, not to mention all of the time and expense prospecting. With REDX’s Vortex system, we assemble a daily list of callable expired leads, allowing you to decide which property best suits your skill set. REDX provides all current and up-to-date information for their expireds database. REDX allows you to organize your expireds with customizable scripts, giving you the upper hand when giving your potential clients a call.

How effective is REDX’s Vortex System?

With REDX’s Vortex prospecting platform, not only will you see an increase in your inventory and sales, but you will also have the confidence to sell any property in your area. Vortex also prospects for FSBO’s and Pre-Foreclosure leads. Go to http://www.theredx.com/expireds to see how Vortex works and why it is so effective for so many agents. Lastly, REDX will save you money. You can make monthly, quarterly or annual payments on any of their services or bundle multiple services to save even more. We guarantee your car and your stamina will thank us. The next time you think about prospecting for expireds, remember, you could be doubling your inventory, sales, and clients with REDX’s Vortex Prospecting Platform. Join The REDX today!