By Jefferson Snow

It was only a few years ago that Alex Glaser was recent college-grad working for a contractor for $10 an hour. He had no idea that less than a decade later he’d be pulling $180k a year as the top-selling agent at a real estate brokerage. He’s only been doing real estate about 3 years but he didn’t let that stop him from putting 31 transactions under his belt last year. Currently, he is on track to hit 50 or more deals this year.

REDX’s Michelle Holt recently interviewed Alex to gain some insight on the keys to his success and review some practices anyone can implement into their business to close more deals.
I’m not really going to do this Tele-Seminar justice by rehashing it here on this blog post but there are few quick points Alex made that I wanted to highlight especially as it pertains to competition.
Why Work Expireds When Everyone Else and their Mom Already Does?
During the course of the interview, Alex touched on something many fence-sitters need to hear. One thing that holds many real estate agents back from using REDX or even prospecting to expireds in general, is the idea of other agents calling the same leads they are. As a realtor, however, competition is inescapable but it may be less ubiquitous than you think.
First off, there are 5,000 licensed agents in Alex’s market and only around 1700 have actually sold a house in the last year. Secondly, Alex has been working expireds ever since he got into the business and he would say that there aren’t as many people calling these people as one might think. In talking to his prospects, he would say that there are really only about 10 to 15 other agents in his entire market that are calling the expireds on a daily basis. This number might jump to 15 to 30 on the first day of a month but quickly falls back down again.
The Importance of Calling Early
If competing with 10 to 15 people still bugs you, then you just need to be the one that calls first and not 5th or 6th. To beat other real estate agents to the punch, Alex is on the phone by 7:45am. The skeptic might say: “You can’t call at that hour! That’s crazy! Everyone’s going to be mad at you!” But if you ask Alex, he’ll tell you that the later you call, the more likely you are to get someone grouchy on the other end. Why is that? Because people start to lose patience after talking to 6 agents in a row and you’re number 7 because you decided to call at 9am instead of 7:45.
Wrapping Up
Alex has been working expireds from the beginning of his real estate career. He’d not been with his brokerage long before his broker handed him a couple of expired and FSBO scripts and said, “Go get REDX.” To get his perspective on using our program and how he has implemented it into his business, you need to give this interview a listen.