Everyone has to start somewhere, and if you’re just getting started in real estate, the chances of being overwhelmed are high. You not only have to learn your market inside and out, you have to build your brand, make an impression with your community and generate new business.

Prospecting for business and establishing and buildings a property inventory is key to long-term success, but we haven’t even begun talking about managing all of those!

Remember, all great real estate agents had to start exactly where you are. The good news is not all of them had the resources you do, like the help of REDX’s lead generation software Vortex. How exactly can REDX help? Let’s start from the beginning. Here are some tips and tricks.

What are Some Lead Generation Tips?

Tip #1: Organization is Key

Every unique market has a plethora of information on listings, foreclosures and FSBO’s to look into. Utilizing that information used to take time and lots of footwork. Now, organization and management is simple with REDX’s lead management platform, Vortex.

Vortex begins by acquiring all of the new leads available in your market. Then it consolidates and formats the leads into organized categories including, FSBO’s, pre-foreclosures and expired properties. You can then simply and effectively view, select and start contacting those homeowners. While you could research and assemble these leads yourself, in most cases you will find gaps in your information.

REDX helps fill in those gaps to display an accurate and current reflection of the leads in your market. This helps you focus on focus on working the leads and having important conversations that convert with homeowners.

Tip #2: Happy Client, Happy Life

Today’s real estate market is far more crowded than it used to be, making it that much harder to set you apart from the others. However, when using REDX’s lead generation solutions, you have more time to focus on developing a relationship with your clients.

Because REDX has already completed a majority of the prospecting work, you have the ability to focus your attention on clients and properties you are confident in selling.

Tip #3: Start using REDX

Like we said, the key to being a great realtor is organization and people skills. With REDX expireds and FSBOs, powered with Vortex, you have the ability to expedite the prospecting process. Allowing you to organize and focus on properties you can confidently sell, while focusing on your client relationship.

Learn more about the free Vortex platform at http://www.theredx.com/vortex. While you are there, watch tutorials, read testimonials or send us a message. Our staff is always available to answer any of your lead generation questions. You have to start your real estate career somewhere. Why not start it on the right foot, with REDX today!