“They came, they listed the house…and then we never heard from them again.” Robert

Sometimes being the agent who makes the sale means being the agent who cares. It can be that simple.

Read on and watch the video to learn how Tammy and Robert listed their home in Henderson, Nevada 3 years straight without selling. Their listing kept expiring, cycling through 3-4 agents all the while, before real estate agent Paula Burlison turned everything around.

The Frustration of Your Listing Expiring – 4 Times

After their daughters left home, Tammy and Robert were ready to move to a smaller home. In the 3 years they attempted to sell their home, the couple was constantly met with frustrations as their home expired 4 times — the 4 agents they’d hired kept them in the dark, forcing them to be responsible for reaching out for updates and information. Tammy even noticed their home was basically nonexistent on the internet and she couldn’t find the listing anywhere online.

These Homeowners Needed a Hero

Families experience the discouraging cycle of disappointment when constantly trying to sell like Tammy and Robert were. Every day, a potential seller lists their property, ready to move out and move on. Every day, new opportunities await the agent who is willing to make the call.

But it takes more than just a call to a frustrated expired homeowner. What separates an average agent and a model agent is the relationship between the homeowner and the prospector.

When Robert received a call from Paula Burlison about the expired listing, he noticed a difference between her and the many other agents who’d called right away. From the initial call to the moment the sell was made, Paula impressed the couple both with her compassion for their discouraging situation and with her skill to help an expired listing recover.

One of the first things Robert noticed about Paula was her genuine interest. No, not in the home, but in their problem. Paula took special care to identify the issue the couple was encountering, and presented what she could do to fix it.

“We’ll try, and that’s all we can do,” Paula told them. She worked hard to come up with solutions. Robert recalls, “That’s all we wanted; was for somebody to try!”

Paula did what the other agents couldn’t do. She sold the couple’s home, and it only took a couple of months. After waiting nearly three years, these frustrated homeowners were shocked at how quickly it sold once Paula took the listing. The sale came as such a surprise that they were left asking, “What are we going to do now?”, not knowing where to go next.

Paula went on to help them find and buy their next home. She helped these homeowners make their dreams come true when nobody else could.  All it took was her picking up the phone and calling expired listings to create that opportunity.

So, are you ready to be a hero and help those frustrated expired homeowners?

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