Research shows that real estate agents who earn $100K or more a year consistently demonstrate common principles and practices to conquer their craving for commissions. Agents who fail to follow a similar system miss out on their full earning potential and are left wondering where their work went to waste. Don’t squander another second! Complete this checklist of 18 agent To-Dos to mirror the money-making magic of top-tier prospectors today.

Checklist: 18 Real Estate To-Dos

❒ To-Do #1: Mend Your Mindset
❒ To-Do #2: Power Up With Positivity
❒ To-Do #3: Visualize Your Vision
❒ To-Do #4: Define Your Goals
❒ To-Do #5: Design Your Day
❒ To-Do #6: Evolve Your Environment
❒ To-Do #7: Access Accountability
❒ To-Do #8: Study Your Scripts
❒ To-Do #9: Remember To Roleplay
❒ To-Do #10: Load Your Leads
❒ To-Do #11: Call With Courage
❒ To-Do #12: Reject Rejection
❒ To-Do #13: Handle Objections… Later
❒ Bonus To-Do: Objection Busters 2019 Webinar
❒ To-Do #14: Close With Confidence
❒ To-Do #15: Record and Review
❒ To-Do #16: Go Door Knocking
❒ To-Do #17: Try A New Lead Type
❒ To-Do #18: Sculpt Your Sphere

To-Do #1: Mend Your Mindset

Before you can check anything off this to-do list, make sure to check in with your mindset. A strong mindset allows you to cultivate constant control over the thoughts and emotions that might otherwise distract you from daily discipline and personal progress. To gain and maintain control of your mindset, check out Dr. Dan Siegel’s “Wheel of Awareness.” It works like this:

Picture your mind as a wheel. At the center is your core “hub” of consciousness where your mind is clear, calm, open, and receptive. At the outer “rim” of your wheel are the thoughts, emotions, sensations, and other external influences that can cause confusion and chaos. In between your hub and rim are “spokes” of attention, which you can use to move your mindset from your agitated outer rim to your peaceful inner hub. 

For this first To-Do, spend 10-15 minutes each morning meditating on your own Wheel of Awareness. Take deep, steady breaths while you shift your attention between your rim and your hub. Pay attention to how your mindset changes, and prepare yourself to return to your hub during stressful calls and conversations.

To-Do #2: Power Up With Positivity

Even with the best mindset tools, it’s easy to get gloomy when you’re constantly confronted with conflict, complaints, and criticism from calls and contacts. But with authority over your attitude, even the worst conversations can be constructive. 

Experienced agents activate empathy to stay positive. The leads you prospect are often frustrated, “And they have every right to be,” says top Las Vegas agent, Paula Burlison. But if you put yourself in their shoes and understand where their anger comes from, you can protect yourself against rejection and find fulfillment as an ally to their ailments. 

So before you pick up the phone or start knocking doors, elevate your attitude and choose to stay positive through every conversation – good or bad. Not only will you boost your results, you’ll know you’re making a difference in your client’s lives.

To-Do #3: Visualize Your Vision

Have you ever had a tough time staying motivated? Even with a positive mindset, it’s hard to accomplish what you need to without the right encouragement. That’s why this To-Do is an effective way to stay motivated. All you need is a clear vision (literally) of what you want and how you’re going to get there.

Top prospectors detail their dreams onto a vision board that stays in sight while they prospect. These vision boards are filled with reminders of what they want (or don’t want) as inspiration to keep moving forward no matter what.

Do you have a quote that pumps you up? Visualize it. Are you looking forward to your next vacation? Visualize it. Have you ever faced tough times that you never want to go through again? Visualize it. Fill your vision board with anything that motivates you and keep it in sight while you prospect. Your goals and dreams will thank you.

To-Do #4: Define Your Goals

Vision boards benefit your “big picture,” but setting specific, short-term goals helps you secure sustainable success. Studies show that people who set goals and write them down earn up to ten times as much as those who don’t. The problem is, sticking to them isn’t always so simple. So if you’re not sure where your goals begin, try using SMART:

• Set Specific goals including who, what, when, where, and how they’ll be achieved
• Make Measurable goals with metrics to track your progress
• Assure Achievable goals that are realistic and attainable
• Reach for Relevant goals that align with your vision
• Track Time-bound goals with a target date and deadline

Whether your goals are practical, personal, or professional, use the SMART framework to check off this fourth To-Do and define your destiny today. 

To-Do #5: Design Your Day

Mindset? Check. Vision? Check. Goals? Check. But what about your day-to-day duties? A well-designed daily routine is the #1 predictor of prosperous prospecting. Your routine gets the “what to do” and “when to do it” out of the way so you can focus on  exactly how it gets done. 

First, set up a “sunrise” schedule to start your day the right way. Not sure where to start? Try a morning routine like Edward Estrada’s: wake up by 4:30, hit the gym by 5:00, and be in the office no later than 7:30am. This leaves time to journal, meditate, and visualize your work day before you get on the phone. From there, organize and prioritize your leads so you never have to waste time wondering who to prospect to next. 

Every agent’s schedule looks a little different, so test your own times to find a good fit. Once you do, you’ll be able to check off this To-Do and savor the satisfaction only a strategic schedule can supply. 

To-Do #6: Evolve Your Environment

With your “day-to-day” out of the way, it’s time to embed yourself in an uplifting environment. Whether you’re in the office or out on the town, everything you interact with can have a massive impact on your prospecting sessions. So if a poor environment is stifling your success, it’s time to evolve it to your advantage. 

Start with your workspace. No matter where you choose to prospect, keep your space free from disruption, distraction, and discouragement. Create a “prospecting-only” space, void of anything that isn’t essential (and beneficial) to your calls. Outside the office, avoid people and places that prohibit progress, and immerse yourself in meaningful real estate media. 

And if you’re ever in an environment you can’t control, remember your Wheel of Awareness (from To-Do #1) and return to your “hub” of happiness for a healthy mental environment.

To-Do #7: Access Accountability

If you’ve made it this far, you definitely deserve recognition for the responsible routine you’ve created. But a “pat on the back” isn’t the only perk people provide! You can turn to others for an added dose of accountability.

Accountability partners are there to back you up when things get rough, hold you to your goals, and remind you to reboot and refocus when you’re distracted or discouraged. They’ll confront you when you fall short and provide honest feedback for meaningful improvement. 

Difficult journeys don’t have to be made alone. So whether it’s a fellow agent, friend, or family member, find a few people to help hold you accountable while you achieve your goals. The added support will diminish your dread and help your finances flourish.

To-Do #8: Study Your Scripts

Have you ever built something from scratch? Whether you’re constructing a new home or a successful real estate business, the right tools make all the difference. That’s why adding proven scripts to your prospecting tool belt is foundational for success. 

Scripts keep the conversation “level” and minimize your chances of “missing the nail” by saying something wrong. And with so many different prospecting scripts available, you’re bound to find some that fit your unique tone and style. 

Whether you prospect Expired or FSBO (For-Sale-By-Owner) leads, there are countless scripts available to help you check off this To-Do and build your confidence on every call.

To-Do #9: Remember to Roleplay

With your favorite scripts equipped, take time to try them out before you put them into action. Roleplaying your scripts will build your calling confidence as you learn to control the conversation, tackle tough objections, and land listing appointments. 

For this To-Do, find three to five serious roleplay partners with an equal (or greater) passion for the practice. Make sure they’re prepared to provide constructive criticism so you receive the feedback you need to hear (instead of what you want to hear). And don’t let your practice partners go stale! Top prospectors recommend rotating through new partners every two months so you don’t get too comfortable with any specific agent.

And one last thing: don’t let roleplaying stop you from actually prospecting. Keep your practice sessions short (15-30 minutes), and think of them as a pre-call “pump-up session” to prep you for the phone.

To-Do #10: Load Your Leads 

It’s time to talk leads. Agents who prospect on a regular basis know: prospecting is a numbers game. More leads = more contacts = more listings = more commissions. And with the right technology, checking this To-Do off your list is as easy as 1-2-3:

•Find a lead management platform. A quick, clean, efficient platform will help you find, track, and organize your leads with ease.
• Choose your lead type(s). From Expireds to FSBOs to GeoLeads, there’s a lead type available for every style of prospecting agent.
• Start dialing. You’ve got your platform. You’ve got your leads. All that’s left to do is dial. Try out a dialer for maximum efficiency! 

With the best leads and tools at your fingertips, the only thing holding you back is yourself! Don’t put prospecting off for another second. Pick up the phone... and start dialing!

To-Do #11: Call With Courage

Made any calls yet? Or is fear holding you back from prospecting? The right remedy for phone fear is out there. It’s up to you to figure out why your fear exists so you can choose to handle it. 

Leading fear psychologists explain some fear is instinctual, healthy, and exists to keep us safe. The rest of our fears (those holding us back) can be blamed on poor conditioning, negative momentum, and can be unlearned (with the right mindset). 

The next time you face fear on the phone (or before picking it up), pause and ask yourself, “Why am I really afraid?” If there’s a legitimate threat (like a bear or tornado), trust your fears and get out of there! If there’s no real threat, doubt your negative perceptions, choose to challenge your fears, and handle it with power instead of pain.

To-Do #12: Reject Rejection

It’s easy to look at successful agents and assume, “You’re doing so well… you must never get rejected!” Rest assured that’s not the case. Every agent faces rejection – the best ones just don’t let it hold them back. They understand rejection is inevitable (especially for prospectors) and they refuse to let it dictate their day or siphon their success.

Ready to reject rejection? You can do it in one day. Set aside a Saturday and call as many leads as you can (at least 100) with a productive attitude toward rejection: face it and embrace it. Introduce yourself, then get right to the point by asking, “Do you want to sell your home?” 

With this short “script,” you’ll encounter almost every form of rejection imaginable. Think of it as “rejection exposure therapy.” The more times you’re hung up on, yelled at, lied to, or told “NO,” the more rejection resilient you’ll become. And who knows… you might make a few solid contacts!

To-Do #13: Handle Objections… Later

Rejection hits hard, but ends quickly. Objections, on the other hand, last much longer and can feel like they require meticulous maneuvering to move through. That’s where this To-Do can work for you. 

Most agents assume objections must be overcome for the conversation to continue. But MFO coach Ron Cronin tells us, “You don’t have to handle objections (especially on prospecting calls).” When you focus on objections, you run the risk of getting derailed, going off on a tangent, and never getting a chance to set the appointment. 

So rather than engaging, let objections fly right by and set yourself up to handle them during the listing presentation. Here’s an example of what dodging an objection (or saving it for later) sounds like:

Contact: “Well how much do you charge for commission?”
You: “That’s a great question! You know what, let’s make that the first thing we discuss when I meet you tonight at 5,” and move on with your script.

It’s that simple! Repeat the objection, approve it, and keep moving forward. This strategy will help you stay confident, control the conversation, and make the most of every contact.

To-Do #14: Close With Confidence

Let’s face it: competition in real estate is fierce. Setting yourself apart from other agents is no easy task, and positive impressions can be hard to maintain. So whether you’re setting an appointment, handling an objection, or securing a sale, a confident close is key to making a lasting impact

You can bring confidence to your closings by removing a few simple words and phrases from your vocabulary. 

Phrases like, “Am I making sense?” and, “I’m no expert, but…” might seem empathetic or humble, but give your contacts cause to question whether or not you’re an experienced agent. And filler words like, “Uhhh… Ummm…” or “Like…” make you seem unprepared and unable to address your contact’s concerns. 

Explore more expressions to exclude from your conversations and remind your roleplay partners to avoid them with you. Then, check off this To-Do with the same confidence you’ll be bringing to every call.

To-Do #15: Record and Review

Do you remember exactly how your last call went? How about your last twenty calls? Your last hundred? After dozens of daily conversations, no one can blame you for not remembering every important detail. But every call holds opportunities for improvement, and technology can help check off this To-Do when memory falls short. 

Find an app or dialer that will record your calls so you can review them later. Compare the recordings to your scripts to see where you went off track, and listen with a coach or mentor to uncover missed opportunities.  

Like “rejection exposure therapy,” recording and reviewing your calls will uncover hidden details, minimize future discomfort, and motivate you to improve. Just be sure to follow your state’s call recording laws.

To-Do #16: Go Door Knocking

Ready for a break from calling? Not all lead generation has to be done over the phone. This next To-Do will get you out of the office and on your feet to strengthen all of your prospecting skills. 

Door knocking is a classic (yet effective) prospecting approach that puts you in front of your prospects for immediate conversations. And if confronting contacts seems scarier in person, remember: the greater the risk, the greater the reward. You’re still going to face objections like you would on the phone, and rejection in the form of a slammed door always stings. But according to a Harvard Business School Study, “A face-to-face interaction results in 13 times the brand recall compared to a message delivered via a marketing piece.”

So if you’re ready for a fast, free, and effective way to reach new leads and get in your daily exercise, give door knocking a try! It’s an effective strategy that gets the job done

To-Do #17: Try A New Lead Type

Completing this checklist provides predictability for your systems and strategies, but the market has a mind of its own. If things turn south (that you can’t control) and business starts to suffer, it’s time to tap and adapt to new lead sources. Just remember: new lead sources take a lot of practice (and even more patience). 

Start this To-Do with a little market research so you can decide which new lead type(s) will work for you. Are you good with objections? Try Expireds. Love to door knock? Check out GeoLeads™. With so many options to choose from, the possibilities are endless. But remember: practice and patience. 

Work your new lead type for 2-3 months before deciding it’s not for you. Be prepared to test new skills, adjust to the market, and learn something unexpected. But with dedication, discipline, and drive, you’ll take ownership over your new leads, and the results will be well worth it.

To-Do #18: Build Your Sphere

The last To-Do on our checklist will bring in “background business” while you’re out prospecting on the front lines. It’s about building your sphere of influence (SOI), and it’s a vital practice for agents of all skill levels. 

If you’ve ever done business with family or friends, you’ve worked your SOI. But if you stop there, you’re missing out on connections that come from continued communication with your sphere. Did you help your brother sell a home? Great! Now see who else he can put you in contact with. They may not need your help now, but when they do, a strong recommendation from a close relation will work wonders for your rapport. 

As your client base grows, leverage every relationship you can to expand your SOI. Stay in touch and follow up with all your past clients in case they, or anyone they know, is ever looking for an agent. In time, your reputation will speak for itself while your SOI speaks for you.

From “To-Do” to “Done”

Congratulations, you’ve officially “checked off” our official real estate checklist! That means you’re equipped with the skills, strategies, and systems you need to maximize your earning potential and make massive money prospecting leads. A six figure income is out there… so go prospect! Remember to revisit this checklist anytime you need to fuel your focus and fortify your foundation for fearless prospecting. 

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