Power Prospector Dale Schrieber, of Irvine California, teaches that “prospecting is the backbone of your business… [and that] you will die on the line without it.” While difficult, with determination and commitment, any agent can learn to prospect and build a sustainable real estate business.

Fortunately, the path to success is already laid out. You can duplicate the strategies and tactics implemented by other successful agents in your own practice and expect to get their same results. After interviewing the best prospectors in the country and analyzing over 1,000 pages of their interview transcripts, we’ve discovered a three-step process to help you know what to say to set more listing appointments:

1) How to start the conversation to connect with more homeowners

You can increase your contact rate by 25% by asking for the homeowner in a few different ways. Ask for them by first name, then first and last name, and then by the address of the property. When you connect with the homeowner, proceed with your script. Or, if you don’t reach the intended homeowner, use a standard real estate script and take the opportunity to get a lead.

2) How to build rapport and uncover concerns quickly

Make it easier for prospects to trust you by asking questions relevant to their needs and actively listening to their responses. By asking the seller “wide” questions like why they think their home hasn’t already sold and why they need to sell the home, you’ll be able to direct the conversation with “deeper” follow-up questions. The seller’s answers will reveal their concerns, motivations, and hopes—all of which you can now address and leverage to set a listing appointment.

3) How to overcome any objection and set the listing appointment

After a prospect’s first objection, 44% of salespeople give up—but 73% of clients buy after you get past their fourth objection. No matter what objection they throw at you, stay on the phone and do your best to progress the call toward a listing appointment by using this formula:


4) Action Plan – Moving Forward

Reading through this blog post is only the first step to setting more listing appointments – your next step is to dive deeper into these three steps and see them in action on this FREE webinar training.

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