A sphere of influence is something every real estate agent has or should have. Whether it be friends, family, former business associates or classmates, or others that you know through some aspect of your life, these are people that know you and have gained some sort of influence from you, even if just a small amount. These people make up your sphere of influence.
Here at REDX, we know how important it is for real estate agents to continually expand their network and grow their business. As a real estate agent, you should always want to grow this group of people, as it can become a great source of referral business as time goes on. Here are some tips on how you can implement your sphere of influence in the most productive way possible.
Keep Your Sphere Organized
It’s important to keep track of past, current and potential clients in your sphere of influence. Doing so is important so you can review who is in your sphere, how long they have been there, and how you have assisted them. This can be organized in many ways, including a database program or even index cards on a ring. Always review your data so you are sure that the information is continuously updated and to keep track of new people you have added and how often you are doing so. Creating a manageable system saves time in the long run and keeps you organized.
Categorize Your Lists
Once you have your sphere organized and listed, you’ll want to categorize all of the people in this group so you can identify each of them effectively. Categorizing them into different groups adds another layer of ease to managing your sphere of influence when you need to contact someone in the group. Something you should also include in these categories is information on the best way to contact each person or group (i.e. email, text message, phone calls).
Develop Custom Announcements
If there are several ways in which you need to contact the different groups in your sphere of influence, develop a script for each method that will best help you reach each person and tell them about your business. The script should be a simple form of “Hello (name), I wanted to let you know about a new career that I have begun. I am a real estate agent in (town). If you are planning a real estate transaction or know someone that is, please recommend me and keep me in mind.” Always include your contact information.
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