Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to celebrate the life of a real estate listing. Those who knew this listing know how humble its beginnings were, as were those of so many like it. There was a call from a homeowner to a realtor, and a realtor who came and knocked on the door. Then the lead became a listing, as many of them do, blossoming into sales, which is what we all hope for any listing. But not every listing reached this happy state. That is the sad way of the world. Sometimes a property won’t sell.
There are lots of reasons that this can happen. Sometimes the realtor who came through the door wasn’t the expert and professional like those of you who have come here today. Not everyone knows how to present and advertise a property to its best advantage, or how to negotiate a great deal with the buyers.
Sometimes there are other factors at work. It may happen that the homeowner holds an unrealistic hope of getting a certain price for the property and will eventually lose patience with the sale process. These things happen, and when they do, we lay the lead to rest with full honors, like the lead we salute today.
But smart agents do not mourn the death of a lead. They understand that the real estate market changes every day. They know that the difference between a sale and a fail can sometimes balance on a knife-edge, and that just because a property didn’t sell, doesn’t mean that it won’t sell. Especially if it’s taken on by an agent with real hunger and talent for the game. These are the agents who always ask the same eternal question on days such as these. “Where”, they ask, “do listings go when they die?”
The answer is: they come to us, REDX, where we have the highest quality data and the most up to date information on expired leads, as well as pre-foreclosure and FSBO leads.
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. With the REDX, you’ll sell it. In that you can trust!