Need a pick-me-up before you head to the office for your morning prospecting session? Need to stimulate your determination in the middle of the day? This blog covers the top 10-ranked real estate podcasts that top-earning agents love, according to iTunes.

Successful Professionals Are Speaking to You — Are You Listening?

Imagine having access to a top-producing speaker offering guidance wherever, whenever — that’s the power of the podcast. According to iTunes, these are top 10 podcasts highly successful real estate professionals listen to in order to fire them up and empower them with a strong sense of entrepreneurial spirit.

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Whether you’re looking to optimize your daily routine, improve your phone skills, or find out which leads are best for you, these interviews tell all! So give them a listen, find your favorite, and copy their successes without the pain of figuring it on your own. Because with these podcasts, you’re not alone!

1. Real Estate Uncensored

Real Estate Uncensored offers three live shows a week designed to inspire you and offer guidance to all agents, whether you’re new to real estate, or well into your career. The podcast covers prospecting, marketing, and sales methods, featuring top prospectors and other successful agents to help improve and correct your current real estate game plan.

“I am just starting out in real estate and I am so glad that I found this show early on in my career! This show has given me an amazing insight into the field and every new episode brings a plethora of useful info.”
– iTunes User Alex Terrego

2. Mike Ferry TV Podcast

Mike Ferry is the #1 global leader in real estate training and coaching. For years, the Mike Ferry Organization has offered agents experienced coaches, top-rated retreats, and a long list of resources, and his podcast is an excellent extension of his program. Mike Ferry TV Podcast features weekly episodes that examine topics such as objection handling, attaining the right mindset for prospecting, gaining more listings, and basically anything the average agent (ESPECIALLY prospectors) needs to know to increase profits.

“I love listening to and applying what Mike Ferry teaches. So many breakthroughs in my business are because of Mike Ferry’s teachings.”
– iTunes User Ecisneros1

3. Real Estate Rockstars with Pat Hiban

Pat Hiban’s top-rated podcast covers the “meat and potatoes” of what makes real estate professionals successful. In this podcast, Pat interviews top salespeople in the industry to understand the techniques they use to reach their goals, and just what those goals are.

“Pat is a mega rock star agent in his own right. He knows real estate inside out. Pat asks the right questions and exposes the true secrets to success in the real estate industry. I highly recommend this podcast to any and all aspiring agents.”
– iTunes User Master Mind Agent

4. The Tim & Julie Harris Podcast

Tim and Julie Harris’s award-winning podcast covers a little bit of everything, from current events within the industry, interviews with experienced real estate professionals, and advice to better yourself as an agent.

“I have listened to the podcast every day for over a year and have learned so much about business and real estate. This podcast will give you the strong foundation any business person needs! Tim and Julie are very straightforward and practical on exactly what you need to do and share market insights that will help you keep what is most important in business…”
– iTunes User Lpditty

5. The Real Estate Strategy Lab Podcast

The Real Estate Strategy Lab Podcast is hosted by Jeff Coga of The Real Estate Strategy Lab. A Real Estate Direct Response Consultant, Author, Investor, and overall real estate enthusiast, Jeff shares online and offline strategies that help generate seller and buyer leads, as well as marketing tips and tricks for generating new income sources. Jeff’s podcast covers a huge variety of strategies for creating predictable profit in your business pipeline. Anyone can listen in, but this podcast is generally a better source for those who are already well into their real estate career and are looking for new ways to elevate their success.

“These interviews provide amazing insight from people further down the path of success in the Real Estate business.”
– iTunes User raay.Jhon

6. The Danny Morel Show

Danny Morel’s podcast offers the perfect balance of motivational ideas and entrepreneurial techniques, perfect for the agent aspiring to reach their potential and gain personal freedom in their day-to-day schedule. A highly successful agent himself, Danny only works 4.5 days a week, spends little to no money on advertising, and he wants to teach agents how to get to that point as well.

“The topics spoken about on this Podcast have not only skyrocketed my business results, but have also made major impacts on my health, wealth, love, and happiness. If by some chance you are reading my review and considering whether or not to subscribe, think no more. You NEED this information in your life. Subscribe, listen, and start preparing for your life to change forever.”
– iTunes User
Christian Kellipio

7. Real Estate Uncut

Real Estate Uncut offers daily encouragement and updates for real estate agents, all while exploring industry and marketing trends and offering instruction to build a stronger business model. Real Estate Uncut is based out of Australia and New Zealand, but the contributions by trainers and agents alike are universally helpful!

“Fantastic podcast. Informative, interesting, and entertaining. Five stars.”
– iTunes user


Hosted by Scot Kenkel, HOW TO SELL delivers his training program in a no-nonsense manner that makes him more of a teacher than a host. Scott’s processes are made easy to implement and follow through with, but the straight-forward nature of the podcast might not be for everyone. Agents who prefer a more cut-and-dry approach tend to appreciate this podcast.

“Been listening to Scot’s material for a while and always pick up something useful to use on my next listings appointment or to be more productive in my daily real estate activities.”
– iTunes user

9. Calls with Chris Smith

Calls with Chris Smith is a podcast series from bestselling author and entrepreneur Chris Smith. He is a co-founder of Curaytor, a lead generation and marketing platform designed for small businesses, especially real estate agents. His podcast, Calls with Chris Smith will let you listen in on the real world marketing and sales conversations that are building a massively successful business, in record time!

 Popular episodes of this podcast include: “Flipping the Funnel”, “Instagram: The Juggernaut”, “Effort and Hustle: Creating Massive Success”, “Work Less. Make More”, “The Best Sales Questions No One is Asking”, and the “Best Apps for Six Figure Salespeople”.

 “Great podcast. Love the style of the podcast, the music and the length of the podcast is around 20mins or less… Everyone’s got a 20min window to fit it in! Shower, drive to office or between appts!”
-iTunes User
Mandy Patierno

 “Being a luxury real estate agent for Sotheby‘s International Realty, I value my free time tremendously. Before I do anything that takes away from that time, I make sure that it is a benefit to my family and myself. That is probably the reason I haven’t listened to a podcast in years. After just a few minutes in, I was hooked. I knew that the strategies and the ease in which to use them would definitely help my career, which in turn would benefit my family.”
-iTunes User

10. Achieve Your Goals with Hal Elrod

Hal Elrod’s book Miracle Morning and the Miracle Morning for Real Estate Agents are an unmatched favorite in the prospecting professionals’ community, and his weekly podcast offers the same inspiration and empowerment agents can use to start their morning before a long prospecting session. Hal Elrod focuses on transforming certain areas of your life for the better with proven techniques that will inspire any agent, prospecting or otherwise, to take the day by storm and increase productivity through sheer willpower.

“Hal and Nick do more than give a few tips. They deliver actionable steps to immediately and profoundly improve how you approach life and achieving all that you possibly can! They combine all of the reasons why their topic is paramount today, exactly what you can do about it, and all the inspiration, focus, and urgency you could ever need!”
– iTunes User

So Plug in Your Earphones…

Half the battle of being a real estate professional is getting and staying energized, whether it’s for a long prospecting session, paperwork, or listing appointments. Agents utilize these podcasts for ideas, motivational thoughts, inspiring stories, thoughtful examination, and real estate news, all from top-earning and experienced industry leaders.  By listening to the words of these accomplished professionals, agents invigorate the mind and better prepare for a rewarding day on the job.

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