Every fisherman knows that the more lines you put in the water, the more fish you’ll catch. You can experiment with bait, lures, timing, and locations but when it comes right down to it, two lines in the water statistically catch more fish than one.
Same goes for real estate prospecting. You’ll “catch” more leads if you pursue several modes of communication rather than sticking to one all the time.
When REDX talked to the most successful agents in the country, we found that 74% use at least three different prospecting methods in addition to picking up the phone. Try these favorites from the most successful agents in the country.


The next most common form of communication after phone calls is mailers. Mail is most effective when it

  • Contains customized information that lets the recipient know that your are interested in their property
  • Is mailed multiple times until the property is sold or relisted
  • Provides information that will help the owner successfully sell their property (tips and tricks, etc.)

Though we always recommend agents include phone calls in their regular prospecting, we know of agents who have hit and surpassed the $250k earning level without phone calls because of effective mailers.

Door Knocking

It’s old school, we know. So you can imagine how surprised we were to find out that 58% of the $250k agents we interviewed knocked doors. In fact, they said they’d do it more if they had the time.
The key difference here is more in attitude than it is in actually knocking on doors. Mid-range earners often have the attitude that they are above knocking doors and lean toward more sophisticated prospecting tools.
The big earners all had the attitude that there was nothing more valuable than meeting people face to face, getting to know them, and showing them what could be done to help them sell their property.


While the traditional tools will always do a great job, high-tech tools are gaining momentum.

Social Media

We found that $250k agents were 43% more likely to use Facebook and 11% more likely to use Twitter as prospecting tools than $70k and under earners.
The most successful agents don’t use social platforms to simply list properties. They use them to engage with and educate their current and prospective clients. They get creative about soliciting business and follow up with past clients in an environment where readers feel comfortable and unthreatened.


$250k earners are about 41% more likely than $70k agents to use a tablet in their listing presentation.
Visual representations strengthen any pitch or relay of information. The ability to interact with a presentation also adds to the effectiveness.


A dialer is a computer program that provides up-to-date, at-your-fingertips information on properties then assists you in making all your calls. A whopping 94% of $250k agents use a dialer.
No more wrong numbers. No more incorrect info. We take pride in Storm Dialer, our excellent dial system. Find out more about it here.
Get more lines out in the water by thinking like a $250k earner. Use several of their favorite tools to increase your commissions now.