Do you remember ever being consistently excited about prospecting?  How do you feel now thinking about the leads you are prospecting to? Indifferent? Dismayed? Frustrated?

If you feel this way, take heart – there may be a simple fix for you.  Invest your time and money into a more effective lead source.  Before you make any decisions though, listen to what you peers have to say:

After watching the video, does REDX sound pretty good? Read on to see what a handful of other agents have experienced.

“I have tried all the expired lead sources (V7, LV, Arch) and compared them side-by-side for a year to see who REALLY had the best numbers. REDX Expireds won hands-down. REDX Vortex is the best system out there. If you are serious about your business and spending more time on the phones talking to potential clients, then get REDX!”
– Jeremy Black, Washington, UT
REDX Client since 2013

“REDX rocks and everyone else sucks’ is what I would say, but I am sure you would want me to church that up a bit.”
– Jesse Vasquez, Dallas, TX
REDX client since 2011


“Expireds are a big source of business, so having the best leads is critical. After trying several companies and testing the data, and tracking the results, we’ve ended up back where we started. We only use REDX for our expired and FSBO leads.”
– Michael Reese, Dallas, TX
REDX client since 2008


“With the help of REDX, I am on track to close over 80 transactions this year! 60% of my business comes from my sphere and more than 30% comes from REDX Expireds and FSBOs. My goal is to make 580 contacts a month, so having the right contacts is essential and it all starts with REDX giving me the best numbers to call.”
– Paula Burlison, Las Vegas, NV
REDX client since 2004


“I have been using REDX FSBO leads for 2 years and have generated more than $75,000 in direct income from it. The support and sales staff are incredible, and I know that if I am ever having any trouble, REDX will have me up and running in no time!”
– William Karnasiotis, Toronto, ON
REDX Client since 2013


There’s a reason why the average REDX agent lists 32 homes a year.
There’s a reason why top producing agents consistently choose REDX.
There’s a reason why the top coaches in the country recommend REDX.