It might sound strange, but at REDX, we love hearing the word expired. Here’s why: Expired Leads are a great resource that allows realtors the opportunity to let their business grow substantially. However, acquiring and prospecting these leads once took a lot of time and footwork. They weren’t exactly anything to get excited about.

What used to take hours and sometimes days can now be accomplished in a matter of minutes with REDX’s state of the art Vortex system. Instead of looking up expireds, verifying all the homeowner data through tax records, 411 info or other online sources, Vortex allows you to organize your leads for your respected market so you can strategically prospect to the best expired leads. 

But how do you use REDX’s Vortex system and how can expired leads help you gain profit and expand inventory?

How to use Expired Leads?

As we mentioned before, REDX Expireds allow realtors to expand their listing inventory. When an agent or homeowner is unable to sell their property within the designated time period, an expired listing is created. The owner could decide to relist their home again with the same agent, or they may simply take the property off the market with the expectation that they will try again later.

Whatever the case there was a reason they wanted to list and sell in the first place, and you may be the right agent to interview for the job of selling their home the second time.

REDX Expireds and Vortex,  you are able to view all the relevant property and homeowner information in your specific area. You can then organize and customize each of the listings in the order of your preference. This not only saves you time and energy, but also allows you to focus on developing a relationship with the client.

How do I get started with REDX?

REDX is here to help your business grow and your client relations flourish. Our hope is that you will develop a long-lasting relationship with your clients. We trust that you’ll have more time to do so by using our leads and tools.

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