In the real estate market, knowledge is power. Since 2003 REDX™ has been using advanced technology to help real estate agents efficiently maximize their potential for profit. Vortex™, REDX’s lead manager, makes finding and managing expired leads simple with its streamlined and intuitive design

When agents use REDX, their time is spent working the leads not sourcing them and verifying the data. So, what is an expired lead? And how does REDX help maximize their worth with the Vortex system?

What is an Expired Lead?

Expired leads can be incredibly beneficial for agents. Agents can bulk up their listing inventory, maximize their profit and allow the property to successfully sell. But how do you know if a property qualifies as an expired lead?

Normally when listing a house, an agent will have a contract for a specified period of time to sell the property. Unfortunately not all homes sell within the contractual timeframe, so when that happens it has effectively expired off the market.  This leaves the homeowner with a few different options.

First, they can keep the same agent and attempt to sell it again. Second, the homeowner can get another agent and attempt to sell. Third, the homeowner can take the house off the market altogether.

What makes expireds such an amazing lead source is that the homeowner had a motivation to sell in the first place. It takes a lot of work and effort to decide to sell your home and then find an agent to do it. Great agents who work with expired listing understand how to find out the homeowner’s goals to get them the results they need to move on to their next place in life.

Why choose REDX for Expired Leads?

Vortex allows agents to successfully mine and filter through true expired leads. This system is thorough, efficient and personal. Vortex uses a streamlined system that filters dates, list price, status of prospecting and location when looking for expired leads.

Countless man-hours and expenses are now a thing of the past when searching for expired leads with REDX and Vortex. Public and private databases are available for accurate contact. Customizable fields are available for each listing, allowing agents to leave custom notes, specific scripts, up-to-date contact information to connect with homeowners for each expired lead.

Start taking advantage of expired leads

To make the most of these expired leads, it’s time to pull out your computer and get online! Get more information at You will quickly see how your REDX expired leads and Vortex can become a lucrative business strategy.