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Accessible Leadership

Leadership and support are always available. Whether you need help on a project, insight into a concern, or anything in between, REDX Team Leads are here for you. Not only do they invest in building the company, but in building you too.


Everyone’s contributions matter and everyone works on projects that make a difference. Your ideas and influence will be felt, because if you’re a member of our team, you matter to us.
Leave work each day having used your creative facilities to do something interesting and having made a difference.

Work Life Balance

There is no badge of honor for working yourself to death. We don’t believe in working overtime – go on vacations, make it to your kid’s ball game, or just take time off. Take care of your work and we’ll make it easier to take care of your family.


Startup feel without the risk. Since we started 15 years ago, we’ve never taken any debt or used venture capital. This lets us focus on doing the right things instead of doing things right now.


We are master craftsmen and hold ourselves and our work to high standards. Apply yourself to building creative solutions for our customers that you can be proud of.

Personal Growth

Be treated like a human being in a fulfilling career where your personal growth is a priority. “Instead of getting hollow perks, you get substantial, meaningful perks like a work-life balance and a good, rich culture. If REDX were a person, it would be the nicest person in the world.” – Steve Keiser

No Politics Here

No agendas or pecking order. No drama and no red tape. Team members have direct access to each other, and Team Leads report directly to the executive team.

Real Core Values

Core values are more than words on a wall. We hire and review to our cores values. Understanding and following these values is central to the culture.

Professional Growth

The market constantly evolves and so do we. Perfect existing or develop new skill sets as you take charge of your responsibilities and find new ways to contribute to your team.

Hannah Rabé

"I value the opportunity to work with a team of driven individuals who pursue excellence in all they put their minds to. It's refreshing in today's world."

Kent Brown

"Working at REDX has been a great career move - I've grown professionally and discovered more opportunities because of relationships and skills gained at REDX."

Haley Eliason

"I love working at REDX because it's not just any other ordinary company with ordinary people. It is filled with exceptional people that inspire me to be the best employee, co-worker, and person that I can be."


Highly competitive pay

Matching 401k plans

Health Insurance

Dental & Vision Insurance

HSA, FSA, Life Insurance

Paid time off (for applicable positions)

Team Lunches

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