The REDX Podcast with Allison Huntington

The REDX Podcast with Allison Huntington

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• 02:01 – Who is Allison and what’s her role at REDX?
• 02:48 – Why are Vortex’s filter & folder features so important?
• 06:02 – How are leads categorized and organized in Vortex?
• 08:02 – What’s the difference between filters and folders?

• 09:53 – What’s the difference between system filters and custom filters?
• 12:20 – How do I create a new filter? (step-by-step process)
• 14:28 – What are some common filter configurations for Expired Leads?
• 17:22 – How do I set up a filter with more than one lead type?
• 20:26 – How can I filter by property information?
• 22:42 – How can I filter by geographic information?
• 28:45 – How can I edit or create a new filter from an existing filter?

• 30:26 – How does the “Hot Leads” folder work?
• 31:32 – How does the call sessions folder work?
• 32:18 – Where can I find my custom imported leads?
• 33:50 – How do GeoLeads™ folders work?
• 35:11 – Can I export data from my folders to a CSV file?
• 36:21 – How do I organize my GeoLeads™ into subfolders?
• 37:50 – How can I avoid over-complicating my filters as a new agent?
• 41:00 – How can I create folders to help with my follow-up?
• 45:23 – Allison’s final thoughts.

Resources Mentioned

Vortex® Lead Management Platform
WAVV Dialer
REDX Forum (for REDX customers)

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REDX Roleplay System: 801-418-9480 – Mon-Fri – 12-4PM MT

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