The REDX Podcast with Brooke Sines

Identify, Categorize, & Track Leads to Stack Commissions with Brooke Sines

Track your leads to stack your commissions! In this podcast, coach Brooke Sines shares her proven follow-up strategy and lead tracker to ensure no listing opportunity is missed. You’ll also discover the 4 pillars of business that you can mix and match to find what works best for you.

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Jump to topics: Read the topics below and scroll the video to the time listed.

• 00:50 – Who is Brooke Sines?
• 02:55 – Why is lead follow-up important?
• 05:40 – What does Brooke’s lead follow-up system look like?
• 08:58 – How (and why) should I categorize my leads?
• 14:18 – What should by my “reason” for following up?
• 15:40 – Should I call or text to follow up?
• 16:26 – What should I say in a follow-up text?
• 18:15 – What systems and tools does Brooke use?
• 24:15 – What does Brooke do with contacts who unsubscribe from email lists?
• 26:01 – Should my lead system change for just listed/just solds?
• 28:07 – How can I increase my geographic prospecting results?
• 32:54 – How should I start a successful follow-up system?
• 35:40 – What are some good “pillars” to build my business on?
• 38:26 – If I’m a new agent, how should I explore & choose my business pillars?
• 40:57 – Why is sticking to my schedule/routine so important?
• 44:50 – What pillars do you focus on if you don’t have a Sphere of Influence?
• 46:55 – How can I build my sphere in a new area?
• 48:55 – How does Brooke handle running two teams?


• 08:11 – “We’re building relationships with people. We’re deepening those relationships. We’re continuing to stay in touch so that when real estate comes up, they can’t help but think of the agent who called NOT bugging them…”
• 36:00 – “Do what you like to do. If you hate doing something, don’t have it be one of your areas because you’re going to procrastinate. Realize it’s not a fit for you then figure out what is!”
• 39:24 – “You have to inspect what you expect.”

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