The REDX Podcast with Colton Lindsay

How to Build a Business Foundation for Freedom with Colton Lindsay

Real estate can be the key to your freedom… as long as you know where to put your focus. In this podcast, Colton Lindsay explains how to focus your mindset, emotions, routines, and follow-up systems for maximum opportunity in today’s market. Discover how you can find freedom by bringing valuable market information into every conversation.

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• 00:45 – Who is Colton Lindsay?
• 02:52 – What negative feelings should I be aware of and how can I overcome them?
• 04:15 – Why is controlling my routine important for controlling my emotions?
• 05:50 – What can I do to start my day off right?
• 08:52 – What three things should I focus on if I earn less than $150k/year?
• 09:27 – What should I focus on if I earn more than $150k/year?
• 14:15 – What does a great follow-up system look like?
• 17:18 – How (and why) should I build automated systems through technology?
• 18:26 – How will segmenting my leads add value to my business?
• 21:42 – What’s a simple follow-up plan I can implement right now?
• 24:04 – How should I start a conversation with someone over text?
• 29:20 – What are some good texting tools to use in my business?
• 32:13 – Should I send postcards?
• 33:32 – What are some good ways to consistently engage leads?
• 35:48 – How has Colton saved time since COVID?
• 37:55 – Why is now the time to innovate?


• 02:17 – “I think 20% is systems and processes. I think 80% is your psychology and emotional state and believing that I can actually do it.”
• 12:30 – “We’re here to profit. When we profit, we can move it into other assets and create more leverage and residual income.”
• 38:18 – “Right now you have the biggest opportunity in the history of your entire life to make more money than you ever could have before.”

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