The REDX Podcast with David Knox

Sphere of Influence Fears Debunked with David Knox

If you want to be referred, you have to be remembered. It’s simple, but a lot of agents are forgotten. In this podcast, David Knox shares how to effectively stay in contact with your sphere of influence. Uncover what holds agents back from sphere success and how to overcome it.

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Jump to topics: Read the topics below and scroll the video to the time listed.

• 01:23 – Why is home more important than ever?
• 03:15 – What should agents be doing right now with their sphere of influence (SOI)?
• 04:19 – What’s the #1 reason people don’t use their previous real estate agent?
• 04:56 – Why aren’t agents prospecting their sphere of influence?
• 06:40 – Why is it important to stay in touch with your SOI?
• 11:34 – What the difference between bothering vs. interrupting?
• 16:45 – How should I segment my SOI?
• 18:42 – Why should I give before I receive?
• 26:28 – What should be my reason for calling my SOI?
• 33:30 – How can I establish my SOI without past customers or clients?
• 35:00 – What can I do to be an effective virtual agent?
• 38:12 – How can I keep my SOI informed?
• 39:00 – What is a good script for referrals?
• 41:00 – Why is time blocking important?
• 43:28 – How often should I touch base with my past clients?
• 49:05 – How can I become a vendor resource?
• 53:42 – Where should I start if I’m a new(er) agent?


• 36:15 – “You can go hide in a closet, duck and cover, or go away… OR you can be the Zoom, Netflix, and Peleton of realty, and go out there and help people.”
• 53:00 – “To be referred, you’ve gotta be remembered!”

Resources Mentioned

Fanatical Prospecting by Jeb Blount
Never Split the Difference by Chris Voss
LetterWriter Programs

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