The REDX Podcast with Guy Migues

New Agent Advice for Expanding Your Lead Stack with Guy Migues

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• 2:00 – Who is Guy Migues?
• 5:10 – What’s the difference working FSBO’s vs. Expireds?
• 8:00 – What inspired Guy to keep going with old expireds?
• 10:37 – What are some good strategies to use with old expireds?
• 12:49 – What’s a good script I can use to engage expireds?
• 14:42 – Why should I treat everyone like they’re in my sphere of influence?
• 17:30 – What can I do to approach real estate as a professional?
• 18:55 – What can I do to avoid pushback on price?
• 24:30 – What does Guy’s prospecting schedule look like?
• 26:37 – How can I overcome my fear of calling?
• 30:10 – What advice does Guy give his team about cold calls?
• 31:50 – How does Guy approach FRBOs?
• 34:45 – What is Guy’s social media strategy?
• 39:15 – What final advice does Guy have for agents?
• 40:36 – What are Guy’s plans for the future?


• 07:07 – “As long as you tell the truth, show the evidence, and show them something different than what their last agent did, it’s pretty easy!”
• 13:05 – “You can’t look at folks like a paycheck. They’re gonna feel that.”
• 21:50 – “Separate your opinion from the price altogether. It’s not my price. It’s not your price – it’s the market. The market dictates the price.”
• 23:38 – “If you put in the work of learning your scripts, learning the dialogue, learning how to handle objections, and you truly care… all lead sources are good.”

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