The REDX Podcast with Joe Rosen

Basic Training: Motivation, Discipline, & Follow-Up with Joe Rosen

Every successful real estate career requires commitment. Are you prepared to stick with it, no matter what? In this podcast, Joe Rosen explains how the lessons he learned during his military service help him fully commit to his business every day. Discover how discipline, motivation, and a consistent follow-up routine can help you stay committed to your career.

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• 01:45 – What motivates Joe Rosen?
• 05:55 – How can I maintain awareness of my “Why?”
• 10:33 – What’s the difference between motivation and discipline?
• 14:12 – How do you create discipline?
• 19:17 – What does effective lead follow-up look like?
• 22:34 – How should I structure my daily schedule to include follow-up?
• 26:40 – What can I do to prevent leads from slipping through the cracks?
• 29:42 – What different categories should I sort my leads into?
• 33:55 – How does REDX tie into Joe’s CRM?
• 37:55 – What is Joe’s process for contacting his online leads?
• 41:22 – What’s a good reason to follow up?
• 42:34 – Why is it okay to be personable with my clients?
• 47:04 – How will a “value mindset” help me last in real estate?
• 50:45 – Why is Joe’s reputation meaningful for his success?


• 2:55 – “I want to challenge myself every day, every month, every year to get bigger, better, and produce more.”
• 06:26 – “You have to have some sort of apparatus to keep that ‘why’ in front of you, always pushing that through your brain.”
• 29:06 – “Think of your market as, ‘Son of a gun! Why is it not in my CRM yet?!'”
• 42:34 – “When you come with the intent of truly helping people (not just to sell), it’s incredible how far that will take you to actually sell people.”
• 49:24 – “Don’t just do your job. Do ten times more than they even thought they wanted. Blow their minds!… and it will completely change the relationship.”

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