The REDX Podcast Podcast with Johnny Perez

Post-Pandemic Tactics to Support Your Sphere of Influence with Johnny Perez

You’ve heard, “money is in the follow up” but do you know how to do it effectively? In this podcast, Johnny Perez talks about when and how to follow up with your database and different lead types. See what you can do right now to set yourself up for the rest of the year.

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Jump to topics: Read the topics below and scroll the video to the time listed.

• 02:04 – Who is Johnny Perez?
• 03:31 – What is the Heroes San Diego non-profit organization?
• 06:00 – How did COVID impact Johnny’s business?
• 08:33 – How can I educate FSBOs on what it takes to sell a home?
• 16:25 – Why is it important to follow up with my database?
• 18:58 – How should I organize and reach out to my database?
• 22:00 – Is it ever too late to check in on your database?
• 22:59 – What’s a good script for my sphere?
• 24:25 – What should I do if I’m too scared to call?
• 28:14 – Why is it important to study my scripts?
• 29:25 – What does Johnny’s follow-up process look like with his leads/sphere?
• 34:08 – How can I find a lender to work with?
• 37:05 – How should I follow up with FSBOs or Expireds?
• 40:42 – How often should I connect with past clients, affiliates, and friends/family?
• 43:37 – What do (or don’t) clients want to see and hear?
• 44:11 – How often should I call Expireds, FSBOs, and GeoLeads™?
• 48:38 – What can I leave at the door or in the mail?
• 51:41 – What should I know about social media advertising?


• 03:08 – “For myself and for my team, we look at it as, ‘Is the glass half-empty or glass half-full?’ And I say, ‘It’s overflowing!'”
• 19:07 – “When is the best time to call? The best time to call is when you pick up the phone and you’re dialing numbers.”
• 25:52 – “The best of the best will survive… and build brand/market share right now in this market! There will be more millionaires produced in this market than in the last 13 years.”
• 28:41 – “Join a team! 50% of something is better than 100% of nothing.”


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