The REDX Podcast with Kent Brown

Selling Urgency & How to List Vacant Rental Properties with Kent Brown

Do you want conversations with leads who won’t yell at you? In this podcast, agent Kent Brown says the “lack of yelling” is one of the reasons For-Rent-By-Owner (FRBO) leads are his favorite. Get answers to the most asked questions about vacant rental properties and how you can easily add it to your lead stack.

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• 00:40 – Who is Kent Brown?
• 03:26 – What’s going on with rentals across the US?
• 07:45 – Why are FRBOs Kent’s favorite lead type?
• 11:20 – Why are FRBOs better to work with?
• 14:35 – How/where is Kent finding FRBO success?
• 16:08 – What are the advantages of working with out-of-state buyers?
• 19:51 – What’s the average time to convert FRBOs compared to other leads?
• 23:18 – What are some good scripts to create urgency for FRBOs?
• 27:28 – Where do FRBOs fit into Kent’s lead stack?
• 30:30 – FRBO Roleplay
• 34:37 – FRBO Roleplay Part Two
• 38:54 – What should I say if a FRBO lead is working with a property management company?
• 41:55 – What is Kent’s advice for a new agent?
• 45:30 – What is the opportunity for agents with FRBOs?


• 20:23 – “I think there’s a big misconception that, when we’re on the phones, we’re selling real estate. That’s not it at all. We’re selling urgency. So what’s the urgency right now?”
• 48:44 – “Prospecting cures all your problems in real estate.”

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