5 Key Strategies to Generate More Listing Right Now with Knolly Williams

5 Key Strategies to Generate More Listing Right Now with Knolly Williams

If you want more business… come and get it. In this podcast, Knolly Williams uncovers the “5 Key Strategies to Generate More Listings Right Now.” Discover what you can do to fill your pipeline, improve your mindset, and skyrocket your career.

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Jump to topics: Read the topics below and scroll the video to the time listed.

• 01:10 – Who is Knolly Williams?
• 06:00 – What does it mean to shift your mindset? (Key Strategy #1)
• 10:15 – What books should I read to improve my mindset?
• 14:18 – What actions can I take right now to improve my mindset?
• 17:21 – How can my choices help improve my world?
• 21:14 – How is fear holding me back from my potential?
• 25:06 – Why is it important to focus on listings? (Key Strategy #2)
• 28:39 – What are Knolly’s “3 buckets of listings” I should focus on?
• 29:00 – What are some good “niches” and how many should I focus on? (Key Strategy #3)
• 35:02 – Where can I find probate/divorce data?
• 38:30 – What two types of lead generation should I do every day? (Key Strategy #4)
• 45:48 – What is my “teachability index” and how can I improve it? (Key Strategy #5)
• 50:21 – What does “RAA” mean?


• 03:28 – “I didn’t shift with the market, so I got shifted out of the market.”
• 07:56 – “Who’s your #1 best friend when it comes to reaching your goals? It’s really you.”
• 16:50 – “Anything I could believe, I could possibly achieve.”
• 29:00 – “You gotta ‘niche’ to get rich.”
• 54:25 – “Time on the task over time beats hard work every time.”
• 55:02 – “You gotta push through it to get to it.” 

Resources Mentioned

Knolly Williams YouTube Channel
Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy (Book)
Letting Go by David R. Hawkins (Book)
The Secret to Permanent Prosperity by Mike Hernacki (Book)
Feel Free to Prosper by Marilyn Jenett (Book)
The Top Five Regrets of Dying by Bronnnie Ware (Book)
Millionaire Real Estate Agent by Gary Keller (Book
Success With Listings by Knolly Williams (Book
Triple My Listings by Knolly Williams (Book)

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