The REDX Podcast Podcast with Mariana Costa

Build a Relationship-Driven Business (Without Cold Calling) with Mariana Costa

87% of people say they would buy with the same agent again, but 11% actually do. In this podcast, Mariana Costa explains the reason for this. If you’re not staying in contact, you’ll be forgotten. See how to always stay top of mind by running a relationship-driven business.

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Jump to topics: Read the topics below and scroll the video to the time listed.

• 02:04 – Who is Mariana Costa?
• 07:44 – Why are challenges and failure important?
• 11:00 – Why is it important to connect with people who are highly skilled?
• 13:54 – Why is sphere of influence so important?
• 18:24 – How do you share that you care?
• 22:10 – What is “The Purposeful Approach?”
• 26:05 – What is Mariana doing to turn her sphere into transactions?
• 30:33 – Why is leveraging video so powerful for my business?
• 37:18 – What is the “8×8 Touch” video system?
• 42:07 – What are the most important things to do with your sphere right now?
• 44:00 – Why is a giving mindset important for my business?
• 46:20 – What should I say when I find a referral for a painter/plumber/etc.?
• 50:20 – Why is it important to go “deeper” not “wider” with my relationships?
• 51:37 – What if I need a transaction right now?
• 54:45 – Why is it important to control my mindset, environment and calendar?


• 07:44 – “The biggest part of who I’m becoming today matters more to me than making a paycheck right away.”
• 08:05 – “I’ve discovered that even if I fail, I still get a little bit better than who I was.”
• 18:43 – “You should never sacrifice integrity for growth.”
• 44:16 – “If you’re waking up thinking about what you’re going to get, you’re on the wrong side of the bed.”
• 47:13 – “If you’re not reminding them, ‘Hey, I’m here to assist you!’ then they’re gonna forget about you no matter how great you are.”
• 53:33 – “What you do today pays off in about 2-3 months. 

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